How To Find a Sheet Music Publishing Company

A search of the roster of products and services of any publishing company would most likely return very generous yields on published written works. After all, most of the big publishing companies worldwide (like Penguin, Mosby, Simon & Shuster, among others) are best known for publishing books and publishing fiction. Quite expectedly, not as many companies offer publishing service for sheet music. Any search on publishing companies would probably have better results for art publishing than for sheet music publishing.

However, sheet music is a vital publication for the multitude of artists, students, teachers, hobbyists and musicians worldwide. Sheet music is a hand-written or printed form of musical notation, usually placed on paper, though more recently has also found itself on computer screens, since online distribution of sheet music has become more widespread, together with overall internet usage. Sheet music must be clearly demarcated from an audio presentation of music, which results from sound recordings or broadcasts, and live performances – sheet music refers exclusively to printed material.

The main utility of sheet music to performers and musicians is to serve as a guide to performing any piece of musical performance. Such is the importance of sheet music that it allows any musician to perform an unfamiliar work of music simply by viewing and studying the sheet music–even if he has never played the piece before. For non-performers, sheet music is a very useful tool to help learn or teach music.

Hence, a publishing company or a publishing service that can provide sheet music for thousands of pieces is of paramount importance to any music enthusiast. This would also be useful to a composer or lyricist who wants to distribute his works.

A good publishing company should be able to produce various kinds of sheet music such as full and miniature scores, piano and organ scores, vocal and choral scores, lead sheets, chord charts and tablatures. However, not all publishing services these days have the capability to produce all mentioned kinds of sheet music.

While most modern companies may have an incomplete selection of sheet music, they definitely make up for it by offering a greater number of selections, more media formats, and the convenience of online publishing. A lot of publishing companies have websites where any music enthusiast can download (either for free or at cost) digital versions of sheet music, or purchase sheet music published in print, CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Modern technology has definitely made sheet music publishing more convenient, accessible and cheap for all.

The following are some publishing companies where you can download sheet music. Note that some companies offer sheet music for free, while some at a cost.

  • Alfred Music Publishing An established publishing company, Alfred has been around since 1922, and currently offers approximately 45,000 titles from well-known authors, artists and composers.
  • Sheet Music Plus  Sheet Music Plus offers sheet music on piano, voice, guitar and ensembles. It has a very wide distributorship range, shipping sheet music to over 170+ countries.
  • JW Pepper JW Pepper is a trusted publishing company since 1876, and has sheet music for choral, band, orchestra and church music. They also have piano, voice and instrumental sheets, as well as pieces suitable for classroom learning.

You can either choose to download sheet music and print them right at your home or office, or order these as printed material. Whichever way, these sheet music publishing companies are offering a great service to musicians all around who need copies of sheet music for practice or for performances.


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