How To Find Action Adventure Video Games for Kids

Finding an action adventure video game for you child can be a difficult job, especially if you are concerned with the content of the games your kids play. Some video games contain violence which may not be appropriate for your child, or the themes used in the video game might be too advanced for your child to understand and enjoy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for action adventure video games for your kids.

Find games according to the age of your child. You should look for a video game that is appropriate for your child’s age. Video games are usually rated using different classifications: for all ages, for teens, for mature audiences only, and the like. However, don’t rely solely on the packaging. Every child takes his own time to learn. Some learn very quickly and some do not, so read the back of the box and see what kind of storylines are involved, and what skills are possibly being learned with the game. This way, you can decide if it is the right video game for your child or not.

Check the ratings. Pay a lot of attention to the ratings that are written at the bottom or at the back of the box. These ratings are provided by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This board uses acronyms to tell what group of people can use the game, like; EC is for Early childhood, T is for teen, AO is for adults only, E is for Everyone. These ratings can help you identify whether a game is appropriate for your child, or other members of the household that might be interested in playing the game.

Read Reviews. Parents can read reviews of the video games online. Reviews are written both by professionals as well as by ordinary people who have already used the game. Some examples of gaming review sites include and You can get to know what kind of a game it is and what age group can play the game. Reviews give all the details related to the video game such as the content of the game, the difficulty, playability, and quality of the video game. Reviews also give their opinions as to how did they find the game. These details will help you find the best action and adventure video games for your kid.

Involve your child. Parents should talk to their child about what games they like and what they want. Chose a game that will both be interesting to your child, and acceptable by your standards as well.

Games are not only meant for entertainment. For school-aged children, video games can teach various skills, such as teamwork, fair play, and the like. Games can also help improve hand-eye coordination. However, video games can also be addictive, if not responsibly used. Therefore, it’s a parent’s job to choose which video games that their children can play. Choosing a video game according to ratings, reviews, and your child’s involvement would be the best way to choose an action adventure video game.


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