How To Find African Figurines

It can be quite difficult to find African figurines. Most of these are collector's items and therefore very hard to come by and not readily available in most stores that sell handicraft items. African figurines are specialty items that can carry a high price tag.

  1. Check out art books to identify African figurines. Your local library will be your most valuable friend to find actual African figurines. You can photocopy the book pages so that you can have a guide in your search. African figurines are created based on tribal culture and beliefs and vastly differ from each other.
  2. Visit tribal art galleries and inquire where you can get some African figurines. They can point you in the right direction. They have contacts with artists, galleries, collectors and antique shops.
  3. Check out estate auctions. Some of the more valuable artifact finds can be bought at these auctions. You may be able to find African figurines at a lower cost than gallery and store prices.
  4. Browse antique shops for some African figurines that may have found their way there via the shop's bulk buying during estate auctions. There are African animals that have special meanings to each tribe. You can also look for Ashanti tribe figurines that are made of ebony. Most of their figurines show elephants that are revered in the tribe as well as people doing everyday chores. You can also look for figurines made by the Masai tribe. They are very tall and elegant people and their figurines reflect their physical attributes. Most of these figurines are made of stone resin and wood.
  5. For more modern and cheaper priced figurines you can check out some online stores that specialize on African tribal art such as the African Crafts Market. They may also represent some African artists and showcase their creations. Some of the pieces have limited stock and you have to decide if you really want to buy a certain piece or wait for something that may be available later. This site also includes some valuable information regarding African arts and crafts.
  6. You may also try to browse the items sold by The Old Gift Shop. The online shop sells African tribal art, figurines, home decors and gifts as well as African- American items among others. The shop actually sells collectibles from around the globe.
  7. Another online shop that you can try to find limited edition modern African figurines is the Kottlers shop based in Cape Town, South Africa. They are specialized in selling wooden African tribal and ceremonial figurines. They also sell different types of items made in Africa such as bags, animal skins, hand-painted ostrich eggs and gold and silver jewelry.
  8. A shop that sells small African figurines and collectibles is called 2-Clicks Collectible Figurines. Most of these are mass produced and made of other materials other than the traditional stone and wood. Some these small figurines are made of porcelain, spun glass and ceramic.

For vintage pieces, your best way to get an African figurine is to participate in online auctions, which can be quite costly. If you are not very particular about the history of the pieces and just like collecting African tribal arts and crafts, you can go to other online stores, curio shops, antique shops and arts and crafts shops.


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