How To Find an Advanced Guide on Poker Strategy

Texas Hold 'em poker has become more and more popular in the mainstream—mainly thanks to extensive television coverage of final tables. The quest of finding good poker strategy books has become even more pressing more than ever. There are big bucks to be made in the poker scene. Whether you want to turn pro and face off with the many professional players on TV, or if you simply want to beat your friends on poker night, the winnings can surely earn you a nice sum, or at least help establish yourself as someone with smarts.

Nobody wants to lose so nowadays, a lot of people have been really bent on finding the best strategies for tournament poker. There are some who really zero in on the statistics of the game. It’s a factor that can be easily controlled by someone who is really sure about the odds of the game. There are only fifty two cards in the deck and since a card has three other duplicates in terms of its value, one can easily make the necessary calculations on the fly as to how likely it is his or her hand is the best hand while playing poker. This is hardly one of the poker tips that one needs to be successful in the game – this has to be the most important skill that a cerebral player has to have in order to understand his or her chances while playing the game.

Here are also some places where you can find advanced guides on poker strategy.

  1. Poker books would be a great way to start. You have nothing if you don’t have a strong foundation in terms of your understanding of the game. Before you try to do anything flashy or fancy, it’s best to make sure that you have a solid grasp of the simple concepts that are used in the game. These books have the detailed discussion on what to do with tough hands – a low pair or an ace-king combo, for instance. These articles would usually come with the necessary statistics to back up the advised decision in the chapter. Hold 'em strategy has a strong emphasis in these books so it would be great to invest in some of these titles. These are usually authored by well known players themselves so they definitely know what they’re talking (or writing) about.
  2. Online forums should also be a great source of strategy, Granted that there might be a lot of unnecessary junk discussions, but the opinions of others can certainly give you an idea on how other people think. Here, you can usually pick up tips and tricks from more experienced players. You can then factor in these bits of information into formulating your moves the next time you play.

Poker is not just a game of luck in cards. It’s also an exercise in observation and misdirection. With enough practice and reading, you should be able to come up with your own winning poker strategy for the next tournament.


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