How To Find Antique Slot Machines

Antique slot machines add a sense of style in any gaming room or collection. Even if you are going to use it for play or for official gambling places, it is ideal to be sure of the quality of your machine. However as the years pass by, old style slot machines are becoming rare, and the search for original antiques continues to become a difficult task. There a lot of different places where you can find antique slot machines in the United States and here are some references in some areas.

  1. Bob Levy. Bob is a full-time dealer of antique slot machines somewhere in New Jersey. He has five types of antique slot machines, namely Mills, Jennings, Pace Slot, Watling Slot and Caille Slot Machines. He has been collecting for 20 years and have slot machines from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. He can give you a written appraisal for a fee of $50 for information on all the items he has with him. For more information, browse through his site.
  2. Slots of Montana. This site offers some antique slot machines that can be from the 1930s, 40s or 50s. There are some few from the 1960s onwards, and they also specialize in restoration of your slot machines. They also sell parts that you may need for your collection or for repair purposes. Their area of specialty is with Mills, Pace and Jennings slot machines, so if you have any of these that need restoration or to understand more about these kinds, look it up with them. Browse their site for more information and contact details.
  3. Game Room Antiques. This site features a very wide variety of slot machines, categorized by kind after the current for sale items seen at the top of the page. Although their prices are non-negotiable, you can find that they have a good reason to have those prices. They also have informational videos on how to repair your slot machine. Ken Durham can be found in Washington DC, you can browse through his address and other contact information at the bottom of the site.
  4. San Diego Antique Slots. Specializing with Bally, Jennings, Watling and Mills atop other slot machine types, they repair, restore and sell slot machines. They have complete information on the products they are selling and can be contacted through phone. If you are in San Diego, try looking up the place and their items in person, contact John in the contacts page.

For whatever purpose you may need a slot machine, there are more places where you can buy antique slot machines within the US. You can also try looking up other slot machine sellers through Remember, even if you have specific information on the Internet, it is best to see these items in person to make sure of their quality. Don't give your bank account details at once and make sure to research on the dealers you are interested in. It is better to be secure in any dealing for whatever item you wish to get.


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