How To Find Architectural Drawings

Architecture is a rising course nowadays, and there are a lot of people taking up architecture. There are also a lot of ways to draw the plans of an architect using software such as Autocad design or 3D design. If you want to look or view some of the architectural drawings made by architects, you can find those in a lot of ways and some of these are found in university libraries and other places that keep files of architectural drawings.

Here are some search tools on how to find architectural drawings:

  1. The Marcel Breuer Architectural Drawings and Sketches database that is found specifically in the University of Syracuse can be a good tool to search for architectural drawings. The Marcel Breuer Architectural Drawings and Sketches contains 688 images of architectural drawings and most professionals and students use this database as a search tool to find what they are looking for.
  2. The Library of Virginia Architectural Drawings and Plans has a very large resource of architectural drawings all over the world, including vivid photographs and other information for the professional architects and students that want to look for architectural designs in the past and the present.
  3. The Thomas Jefferson Papers electronic archive also provides extensive information on architectural designs of the timeline from 1700's to early 1800's.
  4. The "Getty Standards and Digital Resource Management Program" is a program that helps people who are interested to study and understand further the architectural drawings that some famous architects made.
  5. The "Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings" is an online research tool that is a very good resource for those who are studying architecture as well as those professionals who are searching for a good reference.
  6. A book that is entitled, "Cinemetrics: Architectural Drawing Today" by Brian McGrath and Jean Gardner is also a great source to find for architectural designs. The book contains information and explains in details the comparison between pencil drawing and digital drawing using draft boards. This book is found in almost all architectural libraries and can be of great use to you if you want to know how pencil and digital drawing affects an architectural design.
  7. The United States National Archives in Washington DC is also a great place to search for the architectural designs that you might want to see. Included there is the National Archives cartographic and architectural website page that is an online resource and it also serves as a guide as to where certain architectural books are located in that place.

Basically, there are a lot of ways in which you can look for or search for architectural designs. Those mentioned above are the frequent places and Internet sites that students and professional architects visit whenever they want to search for a reference or guidance in their designs. You can even just use a good search engine on the Internet and type in the architectural design that you want to see if you have a specific name and details.


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