How To Find Art Activities for Seniors

Seniors, with their creative juices properly channeled, can really derive much fulfillment from art activities that tickle their fancy and allow them to be at their best and most creative. To be one of those people who help promote art activities for seniors is a very fulfilling and heartwarming task, even if there may be much work involved.

Given their age, it may be very challenging for you to find art activities for seniors. Few things can excite them, and usually they are too delicate to engage in certain physical activities. Special conditions such as Alzheimer's disease further hamper the capacity of seniors to have real fun that gets sustained for an hour or two. But notwithstanding these things, you can still have a grand time with the seniors by really finding the right art activities tailor-fitted for their capacity and condition.

Jar Art. With guided supervision, you can help seniors decorate canning jars. This also promotes recycling of old bottles into beautiful containers that they can treasure in their rooms. You can just print set patterns for the jar to help ease the burden of decorating. And then just allow them to modify the pre-printed patterns with the use of coloring materials and what-nots.

Outdoor activities. Get a safe and relaxing place where the seniors can roam. As much as possible, steer clear from areas that have too much bumpy terrain or hazards that are not really friendly for seniors. Some light games in a serene park may just be the thing that can help unleash creativity among the seniors.

Reading activity. Nothing stimulates the brain better than reading activities. But make this one as light and as engaging as possible, so that your seniors will not get bored. They will be able to exchange insights with a very cheerful discussion afterwards. This will help break the ice.

Photo Sessions. If you have a bunch of cameras, preferably Polaroids, you can take your seniors with a fun photo session. If you only have a single camera and your seniors are quite game, you can invite them for a photo shoot with a very congenial photographer with the patience of a saint. You can come up with really fun costumes and place all the pictures in an album to become a souvenir to remember.

Quilts, mosaics and other crafts. You can also encourage the seniors to get involved in an activity which is very result oriented such as quilt making. Just make sure that whatever item they are producing, it matches their physical skill and is challenging enough to prevent boring them. Mosaics and other group project can also motivate them to do their best and contribute to the whole team.

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