How To Find Body Donation Programs

Yes, the human body will definitely decompose after death. No matter how a person tries to avoid it, he will become nothing but useless dust in the universe one day. However, depending on choice, one can reverse this fortune. A dead body can open a lot of advances in science. The only way to do this is through body donation.

However, the act of medical donation prohibits incomplete bodies such as those who have undergone heart, liver, kidney, and other kinds of body transplant donations. If you think you will qualify for a body donation after death, then it is never a bad idea to let it be known that you are willing to participate in this kind of program.

If you have decided to submit your body to science right after your death, then you will need to locate different body donation programs. Take the time to find the donation program that you would most like to assist.

  • Medical schools. All of the medical departments of different educational institutions have their very own body donation programs. You may check the nearest university in your area and inquire about their program. Also, you can go to your alma mater or any other medical school you would wish to help.  Moreover, you can visit the program’s website to learn any details in regards to the project. For example, the University of Florida State Anatomical Board has an online site which offers a directory of all the body donation programs in the United States.
  • Non-governmental institutions. There are also a number of organizations that deal with this kind of medical donation along with heart, liver, kidney, and other medical donations. The organizations usually vary from country to country but the most familiar ones include Organ Procurement and Transportation Network and the Anatomical Donor Program in Alabama.
  • Hospitals. Since a lot of hospitals work hand-in-hand with different medical donation institutions, it is a good idea to coordinate with them. More advanced and bigger hospitals that do various kinds of research also have their very own body donation programs.
  • Government agencies. Since different acts and laws of different government systems support this kind of program, a lot of their departments are initiating body donation programs.  These agencies have lists of all of the registered organizations that handle body donation programs in a given region or in the country. This list covers all of the programs, which means it includes schools, organizations, and hospitals. You can ask for a copy of one, and from there you can start your search.

Now that you know how to find a body donation program, you can start coordinating with the ones that you find.  Before your body turns into ashes, it is a good idea to give a hand to medical science first through this act.


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