How To Find Calypso Music

Calypso isn't the perfume by Christiane. In fact, it is something much older than that. Calypso is the music of Trinidad and Tobago, a nation in the Caribbean hurricane belt known for its music, its people, and its carnival. The Carnival is the main event in the Trinidad and Tobago calendar, with people dancing and singing in brightly-colored costumes. One type of music in the Carnival is called calypso, where steel drums and lyrics come together to produce beautiful harmonies. However, this genre of music is not terribly widespread and you can't really find calypso CDs in your normal everyday record bars. One of the easiest and the best places to find calypso music is via the internet. In fact, there are quite a number of internet sites dedicated to the sale of calypso music, whether through download or through CD shipping.

  1. CD Universe. CD Universe isn't just a place to find calypso music; in fact, they have a lot of Caribbean musical genres there that you might find interesting, like soca and reggae. They have a great selection of calypso music from a number of famous musicians and vocalists like Lord Kitchener, Black Stalin, and David Rudder. They sell CDs normally priced at around $5 - $10 exclusive of shipping. Payment is through PayPal or through credit card.
  2. Amazon. Amazon is America's largest online retailer of things from books to music CDs. They also have an extensive collection of calypso CDs for your listening pleasure. They have CDs by Harry Belafonte, Steelasophical and other Various artist compilations. Amazon ships in and out of the US for a fee and you can normally get your CD in a few days, depending on where you are. Payment is made through Amazon's software itself.
  3. Trinidad Music Store. The Trinidad Music Store boasts of the best that the islands have to offer. They have a marvelous selection of Caribbean music from calypso to soca, and even reggae, rapso, and SteelPan. With this whirlpool of music from their home, you can never go wrong with the Trinidad Music Store. You can even download songs there for a price, saving you shipping costs. However, for actual CDs, they only offer payment through credit card. Shipping is through FedEx and you'll get your CDs in five to fourteen working days, depending on your location.
  4. Trini Hits. Also offering the best of the green yellow and red flag to you. Trini Hits offers cheap and affordable songs for your computer. They sell songs in Mp3 format straight to your PC. They offer the latest in Calypso songs from artists in the mainland and those around the globe. Most songs cost $0.99 to $2 but some are more expensive, especially the rare songs. Trini Hits also offers an annual song list so you can find what song you like in a specific year. Payment is through Visa or MasterCard.

Calypso music has recently been eclipsed by soca, another music genre; however, for those die hard fans of this Caribbean beat, these stores offer the best of the best.


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