How To Find Cashmere Yarn

When you are trying to find cashmere yarn for that elegant project you are about to undertake you will definitely want to be picky.  You might want to look locally, though your selection will more than likely be very limited.  The best place to look these days is online, and the choices are many.

You will want to make sure that you have the proper weight yarn, as many projects depend upon this being correct if the finished project is to look and feel right.  Be sure to buy from a reputable site, as you will want to make sure you get what you are expecting.  With so many fly-by-night operations out there these days, you will not want to throw away your money - especially since any cashmere yarn that you find is likely to be somewhat expensive.  Be sure to inspect the needle specifications on the yarn that you do select, as this can make a difference in the outcome of your project.

Cashmere is a wool which is harvested from goats during their annual shedding season.  Goats are raised in extremely cold high desert climates and grow a dense inner coat for warmth; once the season changes they will shed.  The underbelly and throat area of goats will produce the finest cashmere.  This cashmere is sheared to produce the best cashmere yarns.  Natural colors, that are easily dyed, are white, gray and brown.  Because it takes a single goat four years to produce enough wool to make one sweater, cashmere is extremely costly.

Because genuine cashmere is so expensive, there are a lot of blends available to make it more affordable for you to make a cashmere sweater.  With the cost of 100% cashmere running in excess of fifty dollars for 150 yards you very well might want to consider a blend.  If you intend to buy the pure cashmere, you could ask the seller for a few samples so that you can play with the samples a bit and determine exactly what you are looking for.  This in the end will save time and money, and will help ward off any disappointment.

If you are looking for the genuine deal and you do find that perfect cashmere yarn for your project, be sure to ask many questions.  Once you obtain your cashmere, be sure to knit a small square and get your gauge down to a science.  Cashmere is hard to work with and you will want to get this project done perfectl,y so take your time and make it exquisite. 


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