How To Find Charley Weaver Bartender Toys

Back in the 60’s, there was a character on TV that became so popular that a toy was made for him. The character’s name was Charley Weaver and the toy was a kind of wind up figurine that moved to dispense bar drinks. This was because the character was a bartender. And, this was why the toy was aptly named the “Charley Weaver Bartender Toy”.

Since this toy is considered vintage and a veritable collectible, finding it can be a challenge. In some cases, purchasing one, a mint condition Charley Weaver toy, can cost thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, if you are dying to get your hands on one, here are some search suggestions for you.

  • Ask your friends. Back in the 1960’s, this particular toy was pretty much mass produced so it is highly possible that your friends may be sitting on a gold mine. They may have the toy neatly stored in their attic or basement and they may have forgotten about it. Hence, it is definitely a good idea to check if your friends have this particular merchandise stowed away in their house somewhere. If they do and they are willing to let it go, offer to purchase it. Since a decently conditioned Charley Weaver toy can fetch about $300 in the market, you may want to offer $150 or $200 for it.
  • Check out garage sales. Some of your neighbors or other people may have a garage sale once in awhile with the objective of getting rid of some the junk stored in their house. Visiting these sales and perusing the junk is really a great idea since they may not know the potential value of some of the items they are selling. While it may be rare to find the toy in these sales, checking them out may prove to be worthwhile in the case that this vintage toy sneaks out from one of the boxes.
  • Check online. When looking for collectibles like the Charley Weaver toy, the Internet is probably the most fruitful resource available for you nowadays. This is because anything is practically pawned and peddled online. Collectible toys are no exception. There are tons of online stores focused on selling vintage toys and collectibles. A Google search will probably provide you with at least a hundred websites to check out but you may want to focus your search on websites like,,, and as these have extensive collections that you can peruse. Normally, they should have Charley Weaver toys on stock once in awhile.

Of course, you can find Charley Weaver toys being auctioned off at EBay as well. Technically, this is the place to be when it comes to toy collectibles and antiques. The only problem here is that auctions can sometimes peg prices on such items too high. Well, if price is not an issue, you can always bid the highest price possible just to acquire the item. If you do win the auction, make the necessary precautions to protect yourself from scams, as EBay is full of these malicious people. A good online escrow account that the seller is willing to work with should do the trick in these cases.

Hopefully, these suggestions have helped you out in getting the Charley Weaver toy you have always salivated over. Getting the toy cheap may be a challenge but if you really want it for sentimental reasons, price may not be an issue.


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