How To Find Cheap Gundam Action Figures

Zaku, Freedom, Impulse, Justice, death scythe, 00, Z/zeta, et cetera. These are a few of the mobile suits you can associate with the popular mecha series Gundam. Though the Gundam saga has never stayed with a single storyline, they have however been loyal to the concept of mobile suits or robots that are piloted by both the protagonist and antagonist of every story.

The mobile suits Freedom, Justice and Impulse are known for the Gundam Seed or Destiny series, while Death Scythe is known for the Gundam Wing Series or in their movie Endless Waltz. Mobile suits, by the way, are robots that are considered as the main weaponry of the fictional storylines of the Gundam sagas. Due to their popularity, there is quite a lot of merchandise out on the market in relation to each series. DVDs, T-shirts, accessories, and games are among the items out on the market to feed its fans. This has become so popular that there are even shops and organizations that cater to them. However, the personal favorites of some fans would be collecting the action figures of the Gundam Saga.

What makes them special is that these action figures are so detailed and they are to be put together by the owner. Please make a mental note that these action figures need figuring out, as they are to be assembled by the buyer. Ergo, this kind of product is usually sold to those 13 years old and above to prevent accidents with children such as choking by swallowing a small piece. There are a variety of websites that address your Gundam “needs”. These websites not only show videos and episodes but also showcase and sell exclusive Gundam merchandise. Hence, if one wants to buy an action figure of mobile suits online it would also be possible. The price range of these action figures would range from two to fifty dollars depending on the assembly, scale and detail of the action figure. Here are some of the websites that are cheaply selling these childhood mementos of the Gundam Series. Now let’s start with opening your browsers.

  1. Though this website usually covers a lot of ground in terms of merchandise, they also offer Gundam action figures and provide a detail on the specifics of the Action figure. Though not all necessarily cheap, they however provide a decent list of available Gundam Action Figures.
  2. While most websites would sell their Gundam goodies at a minimum of twenty dollars, this website offers it at three dollars for their cheapest Gundam action figure. Aside from this, most of their Gundam merchandise would range around ten to twenty dollars, though there would also be an exception to the rule, as there would be some that would go for a hundred or so. This website offers some of the cheapest Gundam gear you can find only online.
  3. Yet another website that amazed me with its price range. This website would sell its Gundam goodies at a price of five dollars to fifty. However, they don’t seem to offer what the collectors usually go for, but they do provide these action figures.
  4. Gundam goodies range from eight to fifty dollars. They have a selection of Gundam Wing series action figures that are relatively cheap as compared to other online sources of Gundam action figures.

Well there you go. Though please keep in mind that though these are online sources of cheap action figures, they provide a very affordable price range, but they are not usually high grade or master grade action figures that most collectors covet.


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