How To Find Civil War Collectibles

1861 to 1865 are the years that Americans commemorate as a mark in history that the whole world will never forget. Civil war collectibles are very popular in the U.S. New items are found every year and are sold or kept for public collections. If you have just started collecting Civil War memorabilia, or you're looking to expand your collection, here's how to collect Civil War items.

There are several categories of these Civil War collectibles. The first category is antique artillery that includes parrot bolts, cannon balls, and wood plug shells. The next category is for the gun and weapon lover that includes the antique cartridges and bullets category. .44 cartridges and Sharpine cartridges will surely ring a bell for these folks. On the other hand, if what you're going after are Civil War bottles, then you might want to get a guide that specializes in antique bottles. It will be easier for you to find medicine bottles, ink bottles, ginger bottles, and cologne bottles that you'll love to add to your collection. Buckles, plates, buttons, and other items are also available.

Our next case to tackle is how to find these Civil War Collectibles. Of course, having a guide is sure to be a great, big help. They're fairly cheaper to order online. For example, one of your best bet sites is Their focal point is on old documents, letters, autographs and photographs. Memorabilia and other historical ephemera is uniquely their specialty. The proprietor is a 30-year collector and sells Civil War era antiques and collectibles. Battle of Manassas collectibles and Bull Run Collectibles, the first major American Civil War land battle between the North and South are available at Jennie Wade which features maps, bull run ties, and coverlets. exclaims the 1862 Civil War Newspaper, and things like the Field Officer's Sword, Scarce Officer Pattern Eagle Plate, and the Civil War encampment medal are up for grabs. Now available on eBay is the Civil War Reconstruction South Carolina 1865 Newspaper. Reconstruction history dates back in 1866 in the aftermath of the bloody Civil War and ended with the Hayes-Tilden compromise of 1877 to separate fictional work and drama from the event. There are also art collectibles available for those who want an impeccable addition to their fashionable art galleries.

Reduced Civil War era 1865 Lady's Fashion Plate Engraving is a gorgeous 142-year old original hand-colored engravaging — and is not in itself only a reproduction. There is a Vintage Comic Book: Civil War Trends available for avid comic collectors who want to inject a little bit of history and art into their comic book collections. Forks, knives and even pins are available so there's always a little something of Civil War for every type and kind of collector there is. Happy Hunting!


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