How To Find Classic Cartoon Beatles Merchandise

The Beatles! Almost fifty years after the world first fell in love with them, and a year after Paul McCartney turned 64 (a bittersweet age, considering the lyrics of one of their most famous songs), Beatlemania doesn't seem to show any signs of dying down. What's even more phenomenal is that its appeal seems to not depend on age, culture and generation - and fans are calling themselves diehard Beatlefans even if some of them weren't even born when the group disbanded. The good thing is that even if it's impossible to ever watch them all play together again, there are so many available classic original Beatles merchandise and items that you could easily surround yourself with as much of the Beatles as you could possibly want. So if you're looking to find classic cartoon Beatles merchandise, here's how to get started.

  1. - At this website, you could find cute 6 inch high Beatles cartoon figures. You could purchase them individually at £15.95 each ($23.53) or for a set of four £59.95 ($88.45). Apart from these animated characters, other Beatles memorabilia you could purchase at this website include different Beatles posters, featuring them in their most famous poses and commemorating popular album releases (such as the Hard Days Night poster, Lonely Heart's Club poster, Abbey Road poster, and Let It Be poster). These famous Beatles posters are at 64x90cm, and at £3.99 (or $6.52) each. As an alternate to the classic Beatles animated figures you could also check out their Yellow Submarine action figures, featuring cartoon Beatles in wildly eclectic ensembles highly reminiscent of the 70's, at £12.95 each ($21.17) and £19.95 ($32) for the whole boxed set. Other Beatles memorabilia available include cookie jars, lunchboxes, collectors' plate, photo frame, books, and postcards, among others. So even if your kid is a kids Beatles fan, there are lots of items here that he could certainly enjoy.
  2. - At this website, you could find different designs of Beatles T-shirts, with skinny T-shirt sizes perfect for every sexy lady. These shirts are available for £14 (about $23) each. Apart from the numerous T-shirts in different colors available, other items there include Beatles logo mugs, woven patches, and baby outfits.
  3. - At this website, you could find Beatles items arranged in different categories: clothing, accessories, books, music and remasters, among others. The clothing is available in different sizes and for different ages; the accessories include colorful guitar straps, magnets, money clips, pins, keychains and logo patches.
  4. - This website has a diverse array of Beatles merchandise, and these items range from wall clocks and alarm clocks, to throw blankets, glasses, earrings, puzzles, lighters, commemorative frames, lunch boxes, 2010 calendars, salt and pepper shakers... and the list goes on. So if you'd totally like to announce to the word how much of a diehard Beatles fan you are, then what better way could you do it than to use everyday items prominently stamped with a Beatles image?

It would do you well to know what other Beatles memorabilia are out in the market: Some of them include a copy of the complete original Beatles cartoon series as it was aired in 1965 (Try looking for this at To learn more about the cartoon series, read If you get hooked with the cartoon version of the Beatles, try out their posters of cartoon production cells, available at

Another shopping tip to consider: Once you get to a website, chances are you'd get to see links and subwebs to other online sellers of Beatles merchandise. Make sure to check out these links, and get lost in Beatles heaven! Good luck, and happy shopping!


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