How To Find Concert Dates

How often have you missed your favorite artist’s concert just because you had no idea about concert schedules and how to score the tickets? This happens most of the time, especially if you have no friend or family who may share the same interest in music as you have. Well for a teenager whose circles of friends are commonly music buffs, rock and hip hop fans, finding concert dates is never a challenge. However, if your socialization is limited to your workplace and a few acquaintances past the teenage groups, you need to do your updating on concert dates yourself.
Here are some suggested steps for you to follow in looking for concert dates:

1.    Know the music genre that you like.

You may follow the crowd for rock, jazz, country, pop, hip-hop or Latin sounds – it all depends on your personal taste.

2.    Next, find out which artists from this genre you want to watch on stage. Usually, contemporary artists are the ones who dominate the concert world.

So if your favorite artists are from yesteryears like Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie or Carly Simon, chances are you may rarely find a scheduled concert for these performers. However, you can always stand by for future concerts, though they may be rare.

3.    Look at the websites of your favorite artists.

Surely their concert schedules as well as ticket outlets are posted in their respective sites.

4.    You may refer to social network sites.

Most performers nowadays retain a spot in at least one of these social sites. MySpace, Facebook, Multiply and Twitter are where you can find sites maintained by famous musical artists.

5.    Log in to various promotional and ticket outlet sites.

The following are very reliable sources of information on concert dates:

  • This site provides information not only on concert dates but also on sports events, arts, music and cultural shows as well.
  • A popular ticket outlet broker that offers discounts by as much as 50 percent. They also deliver or ship the tickets, given a two-day delivery period from date of purchase. Those buying tickets late are given the option of picking up the tickets at the concert venue itself where there is a venue box office, or you may be sent the corresponding ‘e-tickets’ via email for you to print at home.
  • is a trade publication that is very popular among concert goers because of its efficiency in publishing schedules even for rare and hardly publicized concert dates. If you visit this site, you will also find photos of artists, reviews of performances, and a search tool open for site members.
  • is also a popular trade publication because it has a Twitter account, which Twitter members can follow.
  • Of course, what could be more popular than, where you can find information about almost anything that is for sale on the Internet?
  • is where you can buy tickets for concerts, shows and other performances even if they have already run out in other outlets. Since they sell tickets, they also provide information on concert dates and schedules.

6.    Read local newspapers and magazines, particularly the entertainment section.

Concert dates are usually posted in these reading materials.

As soon as you have found the concert date featuring your favorite artist, purchase your ticket as soon as you can to ensure your seat in the show. Tickets generally sell fast, especially if the artist is a hot one.


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