How To Find Country Music Lyrics Online

Country music is still very popular in the United States and that's why many new artists are gearing toward that genre. If you are the type who likes to listen and sing-along to country music, here are the ways you can find country music lyrics online.

  1. There are a lot of lyrics databases online that you can scour for country music. Most of them also come with free music downloads, sheet music, videos, songs list, biographies of artists, and hall of fame charts. Some examples of these are the following.

    • This is a free site that gathers all lyrics from your favorite songs. You can type in the search field the title of the country music for which you want to find lyrics and the results will be displayed in a second. They also display the top requested lyrics and the top albums released that you might want to check out.
    • This is also a good site to find the lyrics that you want. They have options for song searches or artist searches depending on your preference. You may also create a playlist of all the artists that you want by simply signing up.
    • Like the above search engines, this site is also useful in finding country music lyrics. They usually feature an artist every day and these quick links are available on the side bar.
  2. Once you've found the lyrics you need, you should copy these on your word processor and save it on your hard drive. This way, you won't have to look it up again. Organize the file names in a way that you can easily sort them out.
  3. If your equipment allows it, you can record live television and radio performances of your favorite country music artists. Then you can listen to it again and again should you want to transcribe the lyrics. Usually, a DVR or a digital video recorder is used for doing this.
  4. Your local country radio stations may also be an excellent source of country music lyrics. Call them up and ask these disc jockeys if they can provide you with the lyrics you need. You may send them an email if you're hesitant to give them a call. Also, these radio stations usually have a website where they post lyrics to songs that they play. Visit their site and search for lyrics of country music songs you like.
  5. Your local guitar and music store probably have song books that center on country music. These could be very affordable so you might want to check this out.
  6. If you have CD's of country music, check out the cover. Usually, they print out the lyrics on the covers as well as websites where they post updates and lyrics.

Finding the lyrics of country music that you like is very easy. It just entails a bit of research and a keen eye in scouring the Internet. It doesn't require too much technical expertise to do this. Just follow the above tips and you're off to a good start.


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