How To Find Craft Templates

Finding craft templates is not as challenging as you would imagine.  Through the wonders of Google and a plethora of craft magazines with websites, templates are as close as a mouse click away.

Googling the term template is too broad, and will bring back finds for everything under the sun.  Craft template will bring up numerous types of finds such as templates for boxes, toys, paper goods, book folding and more.  If you are more specific in the wording used, the results will be more focused as well.  For example, using the search string rabbit paper template will result in numerous projects with the main basis being paper and rabbit.  Knowing your theme and the materials you'd like to use will assist you greatly in your search.

When Googling your terms, the option to view images will be offered in the upper left hand corner.  This allows a user to bypass text listings and simply skim images until finding the desired item.  These templates maybe free or there may be a charge, depending on the sight.

Fine art and craft magazines such as Somerset Studio have a smattering of craft templates such as tri-fold envelopes, a house template, crown, purse, baby dress and glove templates, all available on their website under "Tempting Templates."  They also have 3-D paper craft templates such as boxes, cake slices, chairs and Mary Janes.  All of the templates are free and they all come with instructions.

The website Craftzine offers not only ideas but "How-To Tuesdays" and "Instructables" with step by step instructions and templates. 

The ultimate craft site for craft templates and ideas is  This site offers forums for crafters to post ideas and to feature their finished projects; it also offers a place to discuss crafts and ask for help.  This site is also free to use.  In addition to the forums, it offers boards advertising craft shows by state/country, support of small businesses, places to purchase supplies, (including templates) and art-related job postings.

Local craft stores offer templates for purchase in the scrapbooking section, which are usually packaged in sets. offers over seven hundred templates for purchase on the site.  The search results from the site can be arranged by price, recently listed, etc. Registration is free and simple to use.  For those unfamiliar with Etsy, it's like an eBay site for artists.  Each of the items available for purchase relates to art, fine crafts, edibles and supplies all created by or for artists and crafters.

Finding craft templates can be challenging, but it is fun to search and the finished projects are enough to keep a crafter looking for more. 


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