How To Find Design Ideas for Creating Custom Tie Pins

Neck tie with tie pin

Ready made men's tie pins or tie tacks are quite expensive. You can create and design your own custom tie pins by simply purchasing a bare tie pin and adding your own design. Tie tacks or pins, craft materials and other pin accessories can be found in craft stores or hardware stores. Tie tacks, or pins are round, small and have a snap-on back. There are available pins where you can glue on an object, or some that have peel-off stickers where you can attach designs to the pin. Buy a pack of the pins to make several tie tacks.
Below are some ideas on how to design and make homemade tie pins or tie tacks even Masonic pins, jewelry pins, diamond pins, silver pins, accessories pins, cufflinks, or clips:

  1. Buy an inexpensive tiny monogram in gold, silver or bronze. Set the monogram on a bare pin. Put trimmings to add color and design.
  2. Look for a simple figure or design that you can shape and paint using crafting clay. Preferably choose no-bake clay to mold. Paint the dried figure with bright colors. Bake the clay if needed. Attach the figure to the bare pin.
  3. Ready-made miniatures of your favorite animal, flower or object found in craft stores will give you a variety of animals, trees, sea creatures, small rocks or even a small ceramic arrowhead to choose from.
  4. For a design that symbolizes your organization or religion, you can look for small metal, ceramic or wooden figures. Catholics can use a small gold, silver or wooden cross. Metallic leaves, a flat stone or other base accessories can be added to make the cross look embossed.
  5. To design a pin that best represents your profession, teachers can paint an apple, a small schoolhouse, or an "A+" while a nurse or doctor can glue on a health symbol.
  6. Depending on the holiday, you can glue a Santa for Christmas, a bunny for Easter, a pumpkin or black cat for Halloween, or a red heart for Valentines. For a graduating student, you can use a mini cap, diploma gown, or mini plaque.
  7. To show how proud you are as a new father, make a tie tack that says "It's A Boy" or "It's A Girl" or wear a pin with a rattle, baby bottle, or rocking horse.
  8. For sports fans, look for the sports team logo of your favorite team.
  9. If you want it simple, look for a unique button to make into a cute tie tack or simply use items like a bobby pin, or coin decorated with other small trinkets or charms to make into a tie tack.
  10. Browse through these websites to get more design ideas for creating custom tie pins.

  • The Corrado Custom Jewelry&Design TM, shows designs of custom made jewelry with precious metals and stones like Masonic pins, jewelry pins, diamond pins, silver pins, accessories pins, and clips.
  • Jewelry Designers Resource Center, has designs of custom lapel pins and cufflinks.
  • Tortolani's , presents the fine craftsmanship of tie tacks made in gold, silver or bronze finish, soft enamel, cut-outs, or stones.


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