How To Find Discounted Wine Spectator Subscriptions

Wine Spectator magazine is regarded as a benchmark in the wine industry. Its pages contain articles about wine buying, travel to wine country recommendations, wine reviews and food recommendations.        

Every year, Wine Spectator magazine gives awards to restaurants with an impressive wine list, those that carry wines from the sweet wines like Sauternes, Tokaji Aszú, Bristol Cream, Eiswein to fortified white and red wines such as fino and amontillado sherry, port and Madeira, Pedro Ximénez to a range of vintage wines like the Bordeaux. A restaurant that received a Wine Spectator Award enjoys big business. It attracts more wine drinkers who feel assured that respected wine critics have held the restaurant's wine list, storage and service in high regards.

Wine Spectator is published 15 times a year, with an estimated circulation of over 450,000 and a readership of about 2.5 million. In 2008, Luxury Institute ranked Wine Spectator as the number one consumer publication in the categories of subject matter expertise, production quality, helpful and relevant information and advertising appropriateness. It was ranked against other consumer publications such as Town and Country, Robb Report and Vanity Fair.

Their website provides links to the Wine Spectator School and other services including a mobile service where you can browse their wine recommendations for when you are out shopping for wines.

If you are serious about wines and food, you may consider getting a subscription to the magazine. Several online magazine distributors offer bulk subscriptions at huge discounts. Here are some:

  • The Wine Spectator's own website offers subscriptions. They are offering a package subscription of two trial issues, 15 regular issues plus a free Wine Spectator's Shopping Guide for $49.95. A copy of the Wine Spectator magazine retails for $7.
  • is a resource website where you can browse newspapers, magazines and other subscription services organized by categories. You can find nationwide newspapers grouped together while other newspapers are grouped by state. It also has a page that offers a Guide to Finding Discounts on Subscriptions. This site offers discounted subscription to Wine Spectator magazine at 16 issues for $49.95.
  • also offers discounted subscription to this magazine, at $49.95 for 15 issues.
  • offers the same discounted price for an annual subscription of 15 issues.
  • You can also try checking the Magazine Discount Center. It offers a discounted annual subscription to Wine Spectator Magazine for only S49.95 as against regular subscription of $89.25 for 15 issues.
  • RewardsGold offers free subscriptions to their featured magazines when you have accumulated enough points by buying items in their partner establishments. You can apply for free membership through their website.
  • While on the subject of wines, there is a free software application called Wine. It allows programs written for Microsoft Windows to run in computers running on Linux OS. Interestingly, there are third-party applications meant to help Wine to run better with names like Bordeaux, WineTricks, Wine-Doors, etc.

It takes a bit of internet browsing to find the right discount for a magazine that is considered a connoisseur's guide to wines, wine reviews, and a list of new wines in the market, food and travels to wine country.


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