How To Find eTextbooks

First of all, what are etextbooks? Etextbooks are textbooks that are published in electronic, or digital form, and can be read through the use of computers, some cellphone models, and dedicated ebook reading devices such as the Kindle and Sony Reader. The great thing about etextbooks is that they are usually more affordable than regular textbooks, they are more convenient (imagine not having to lug around pounds of hardcover books), and they are more environment-friendly as well. You can order etextbooks online, and download them to your reading device.

If you're on the hunt for etextbooks, here are some places that you can start your search:

Sites that offer free ebooks online. These are not exactly textbooks but informational books and literary books, but they are widely available from various sites online. And the best thing about this is that many are downloadable for free! You can use these sites to download resource books for your research. Some of the most popular sites where you can get free ebooks include the following: and Project Gutenberg. You can also find links to sites that offer free ebooks at online directories such as,, and the online book page.

In most of these sites, you could browse the collection of books by author, title, subject or category.

Sites that offer etextbooks for a fee. If textbooks are really what you are looking for, you could go to different websites that offer popular textbooks titles that you can download for a fee. There are many such websites that you can browse through online, and the important thing is that you allot enough time to do comparison shopping to get the best prices.

As with the sites that offer free ebooks, you could usually browse through the listings either by title, by author, or by subject. You could also search books via ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Here are some of the sites that you could visit:

  •, which also offers customer support that can help you out with any questions you may have with regards to etextbooks;
  •, which is perhaps the most popular site that sells etextbooks;
  •, where you could subscribe to a particular etextbook title for a set time frame (for example, one semester). Throughout this duration, you could take notes and do searches within the electronic book pages.

Join social networking sites for etextbooks. Perhaps one of the easiest things you can do is to join the Facebook etextbooks for college fan group, so you could be updated on good deals and reduced prices. You will also find out users' reviews by undertaking this route.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways you can find etextbooks. Remember, the best way is to make comparison shopping among your different options so you could get the best deal for you. Studying for your courses has never been this cool and high-tech, and the fact that you're reading about your subject from your new Kindle should be incentive enough for you to study well! Good luck, and hope this article helped you out!


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