How To Find Federal Government Grants for Writers and Artists

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable,” says George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and critic. No wonder why the Federal Government and even governments of other countries are funding writers and artists through grants. With these, there is no reason to stop what you are doing. Hone your skills and share your art with the world by first finding government grants.

The truth is, finding federal government grants for writers and artists is easy. What’s difficult is getting the grant. Try finding grants through the following:

  • Books. There are books specially made for people like you. These books feature regular grants given to artists and writers. Some of them are not limited to federal government grants only. Many of these also enumerate grants from related groups and societies. The “Writers Market” and “Grant and Award Available to American Writer” are just two books for writers who are looking for grants.
  • Internet. The American Center for Artists, United States Artists, and Cranbrook Academy of Art are some of the many Internet sources where you can find Federal Government grants. These websites are offering the information for free but there are other websites that ask for some fees. The small fee you will invest will be worth it, anyway, because those paid sites have more grant listings compared to the free options.
  • Groups. Join groups of writers or artists. Fresh information about grants is usually sent first to these groups. Members in these groups are useful sources of grants information as well.
  • Agencies and societies. Keep in touch with government agencies, groups, and societies that are concerned about the art’s welfare. They usually offer grants for writers and poet and publish the information on their official website. If you can sign up on their free email alert, that would be better.

This list is composed of generalized ways to find federal government grants. The specific list will depend upon your qualifications.

Applying for more than one grant is always advised if you want to make sure you’ll be getting funds for your craft. Whatever grant you wish to apply for, there is only one way to get you close to your needed funds—follow the guidelines, instructions, and rules.

Sponsors are very meticulous. A single mistake and your application might be thrown out. If the instruction says you should use Times New Roman, then use that. Following rules should not be a problem if doing so would not be harmful for you.

Remember also that there is no easy way to apply and be successful at getting the grants. Most federal government grants will require for a sample of your artwork and some might require that you make a new art work.

Although a bit tricky, none of the federal government grants ask for an application fee or any form of monetary requirement. Grants are given to artists who do not have the money but have the passion to hone and share their skills. Asking for fees will only defeat the primary purpose of grants. If a grant asks you for money, better stay away from that because it’s probably a scam.


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