How To Find Reviews on the Steiff Teddy Bear

Steiff bears are so called the celebrities of the teddy bear world. This company began decades ago and started by the Steiff family. These bears are collectibles and can be quite expensive depending on the make or its popularity.

Teddy bears have never gone out of style. There are different types of stuffed bears to celebrate any occasion. There are get well bears, stuffed bears wearing Halloween costumes and many more. There are even Teddy grams where a big man will don a giant bear suit that will come to sing and give you a personalized message. Teddy bear products are a huge industry. Stuffed Steiff teddy bears are a big part of this market. These bears are handmade in Germany and are made in mohair plush or alpaca. The quality is under rigid standards because of its high following and to protect its name. Information and reviews of the Steiff bears can be found in a lot of ways. Here are some.

  1. You can check out blogs online that deal with Steiff bears. One example is My Steiff Life at where it deals with antique and new Steiff bears. You can see pictures, reviews and information. You can even get in touch with the author if you want to show an old Steiff bear that you got. It is very informative, and you can meet new friends who are crazy about this product. Another is Teddy Friends at where you will find just a bit of information, but it's definitely worth a read.
  2. You can get hold of the book Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals by Margaret Mandel. It has the history of the Steiff Company, how the Steiff bears are delicately made, and even tips on spotting fakes. It gives detailed descriptions on the buttons and ear tags that a Steiff bear has whether original, limited or new. The book has colorful photos of different bears and animals. It is an enjoyable read and is highly recommended by Steiff collectors. 
  3. A few reviews can be seen at online stores like Buzzillions at where you will see a short description of the product and where to buy it. Another one is Ciao at where you will also see resources and auction prices for several Steiff bears. A site with recommendations and colorful Steiff bear photos is Plushpaws at You will see reviews of highly pleased buyers who appreciated the product and the efficient customer service.
  4. You can also have a peek into Teddy Bear Review at where you will get information about Steiff bears and other collectible bears as well. The site has reviews, articles, places to go and even give you bear making details. For a teddy bear lover, you must not forget to visit this site.

The love and fascination for teddy bears will always stay for the young and the old generation. Who can resist those precious eyes with the adorable outfits or accessories? The Steiff teddy bear is one of the best collectible you could have. It is not only dear to look at but will keep you company for years to come.


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