How To Find Hand-Carved Ivory Products

Not to be confused with soap, ivory is a hard material that is made of the tusks of animals, such as mammoths and elephants. There are many hand-carved ivory products sold everywhere. Some of these products are made from faux ivory, and some of them are made from authentic ivory. You can expect the one made from real ivory to be more expensive. In olden times, ivory was used to create pieces of art, religious items and also jewelry boxes and other containers that hold items of value. Today, ivory is used to create different types of objects and products.

Here are some of the products that are made out of hand-carved ivory:

  1. Ivory letter openers. Ivory can be made into letter openers. These letter openers can be bought from souvenir shops and antique stores. Ivory letter openers vary in style. They have different designs hand-carved into them. Some of these famous carvings on Ivory letter openers include African-inspired heads and geometric designs.
  2. Pottery. There are also cups and bowls that are made of ivory. These are very sturdy containers and do not easily break. You will find these items from thrift stores and antique shops. You can search for these items online. It may be difficult for you to find ivory pottery that is brand new. You might have to scour second hand stores to find items like this.
  3. Necklaces. This is one of the most common uses for ivory today. Ivory can be hand-carved to form a design that will make a great pendant. You can wear your ivory pendant with your favorite designer dresses or even with your casual clothes. You can pair your necklace with a nice pair of ivory earrings and bracelets. Some of the common designs for ivory pendants are fishhooks and smaller replicas of mammoth tusks.
  4. Figurines and decorations. A lot of decorative items and figurines are made of ivory. These figurines and decorations are hand-carved so that every detail will be perfect. These decorative items also range in size. There are figurines that can fit on your tabletop, and there are some ivory decorative items that can fill up your entire wall. Either way, ivory products and decorations will surely be an item of discussion when your friends visit your home.
  5. Hand-Carved ivory panels. Ivory can be incorporated into panels or dividers to form a beautiful design. These patterns and designs are placed on the surface of the panels. They are hand carved to form different designs. Some of the common designs you will find are flowers and animals. You can find these panels from auction websites.

These are some of the products that are created with hand-carved ivory. There are a lot more products that are available when you search on the Internet. You might also be able to stumble upon vegetable ivory. Vegetable ivory is a type of seed that can be found in certain palm trees. These seeds are made into beads that resemble porcelain.


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