How To Find Handicraft Importers

It is one thing to be able to purchase individual handicraft materials. But it is quite another to find the source of the handicrafts themselves in the form of handicraft importers. If you are able to find a really good handicraft importer, you are already promised a good business opportunity and assurance of high quality handicraft products.

In case you find it too tedious to create handicrafts and produce them quickly by yourself, having importers is a handy way to make sure that you continue to deliver a large volume of handicrafts to your target market. Another thing that is of benefit if you have your own set of handicraft importers is that you get to focus on other aspects of your business since the production aspect is pretty much covered by theme.

In finding handicraft importers, it is important that you are able to secure all the necessary information before striking up a deal with them. This includes full name of the people you are transacting with, background information, company history, specialty and work ethic. Cultural considerations may also come into play, especially in international business relations.

Here is a short list of the places where you can find good handicraft importers:

  1. Directory. The directory is the best place to look. You can either secure a copy either online or offline. Some companies charge a minimal fee for this particular service. But if you are not into making a huge enterprise, but yours is just on the small or medium scale, then you might not need as intensive of handicraft directories as given by the different websites and institutions.
  2. Import and export bazaars. Import and export bazaars are also a good venue for meeting handicraft importers. You will be able to compare the companies side by side, and at the same time, you will be able to see samples of their products. This is much better than directories, because it also provides you the visual proof of what the handicraft importers can do.
  3. Garment and other supplementary importers to handicrafts. Supplementary importers include those who provide garments, glue sticks and other tools for handicraft making. This is an indirect way of getting to the handicraft importers but they actually work, especially if you are resourceful and creative with your approach.
  4. State-sponsored civic activities. Trade fairs and many others often get importers and companies for sponsorships for better brand visibility. These are also good venues for getting a hold of handicraft importers.

Aside from just checking generally for handicraft exporters, you can also choose to search for niches in that industry. A bamboo exporter or manufacturer may be more realistically easy to find than just whipping up a name of a one-stop shop or majestic store of handicraft products. Ultimately, you need to make sure that aside from the quality of the product, it is also very safe to transact with them. And once you have your own list of handicraft importers, then you will be able to do good business with them.


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