How To Find Materials to Make Wooden Chairs

Making wooden chairs is a great hobby. It is good for beginners, as well as experienced carpenters. If you want to build your very own wooden chair, there are a few basics to cover. The first thing you should do is find materials you will use for your chair. Perhaps the material of primary importance is the wood.

Here are a few tips to help you find materials to make wooden chairs:

  1. Decide on the type of chair you want to build. What type of chair do you want to build? There are many types to choose from. Bar stools are especially designed for counters. Comfort is not the first priority of bar stools. Deck chairs are quite comfortable, and they are actually very easy to make. They usually have a wooden frame, and uses fabric as a backrest. Other examples include Adirondack chairs, garden chairs, curved back chairs, and rocking chairs. All of these need different types of wood. The type of wood will also depend on where you plan to put the chair. Chairs for outdoor use need to be more durable, so the wood you will use has to be able to withstand weathering. Indoor chairs, however, can afford to be a little more delicate because they do not go through outdoor weather conditions.
  2. Remember that usually, the look of your chair will depend on the wood you have chosen. Traditional chairs are usually made of Western red cedar wood. This type of wood has been used by a long time with good reason. It is an all around wood, both good looking and very strong. The natural preservatives present in Western red cedar make it more resistant to damage and decay. It is not very dense, making it very easy to cut. Even beginners will not have any problems cutting and forming this type of wood. When it comes to looks, it appears very classic and rich. It gives a homey feel to any type of furniture. However, if you want a more modern and contemporary feel for your chair, redwood is your best choice. It can stand up well to the Western red cedar in terms of durability.
  3. Decide on your budget. Hardwood is generally more expensive than soft wood and is not very advisable for beginners, as it can be very hard to work with. You might be wasting all your money on expensive wood without getting great results. Examples of hardwood include oak, beech, maple, cherry, holly, boxwood, and mahogany. Beginners could consider working with softwood, as they are less expensive and easier to work with. Don’t be fooled by its name. Softwood is not necessarily softer than hardwood. In fact, some types of hardwood are softer than softwood. Try using varieties of softwood like include pine, yew, or Douglas fir. They are widely used in making furniture.

After you make your decision, all you have to do is head over to your local lumberyard. They have great deals on many types of woods, and chances are, they’ll be willing to give you a discount. Finding materials to make your wooden chairs is not that hard. Just follow these tips and you’ll be building in no time.


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