How To Find Oasis Band Merchandise

The song "Wonderwall," written by the Oasis guitarist and chief songwriter Noel Gallagher, is perhaps Oasis's most popular song, and the one which probably ensured that they will never lose their large following. If you're a big fan of the English rock band Oasis, you might want to show your support for the artists more by not just knowing the lyrics to their well-known songs like "Wonderwall," "Don't Look Back in Anger," Stand by Me" and "Live Forever," but by buying some of their available merchandise like posters, CDs and promotional shirts. If you're looking to own a band shirt, there are a number of online stores that you can look at to provide you with good Oasis clothing. The key is to find one that does not just promises to give you a good price, but sells genuine merchandise and which can be trusted with your payment information when you do choose to place an order with them. Here are two sites which might interest you, plus some information about them including the type of items that they have on sale:

1. Mosh-pitt. This is a strictly Internet-based company which deals in punk and rock apparel like hoodies, tie-dyed and vintage-look clothing and band shirts which they get from the official distributors, meaning that their merchandise is licensed. You place your order and pay with your credit card through a secure line in their order processing page, so you can rest easy knowing that your personal information isn't going to fall in the hands of a third party. Mosh-pitt additionally guarantees that the clothes they have for sale is 100% cotton and have been color-fade tested, so they won't run in the wash. Below is a list of their available Oasis merchandise:

  • Rock T-Shirts: $14.99
  • Music Tees: $15.00
  • Rock Stile Girly Tops: $20.00
  • Pop Music Longsleeve Tees: $25.00
  • Hard Rock Sweatshirts: $30.00
  • Cool Rock Hoodies: $35.00

Their prices might have changed, so you can check their site's Oasis band products page if you're interested.

2. Allposters. Allposters is one site which offers a variety of Oasis band merchandise that is not just limited to shirts. If what you are after is their shirts, however, their available shirt designs include the slim fit t-shirt with a brown Oasis logo, and Oasis shirts released for Fall Out and Devastation. These are priced at around twenty dollars each.

You can check in eBay if you want the lowest possible prices from other online merchants who are willing to sell their items cheap, but remember to watch out for fraud. Buying from a second-hand merchant will also mean that the band you want to support isn't receiving anything for the merchandise that you bought. Getting genuine products instead of replicas is also a big problem, so make sure that the dealer you choose to buy from gets their merchandise either directly from the distributors or from other trusted sources.


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