How To Find Old Newspaper Articles Online

Thanks to the Internet, obsolete articles that should be found in yellowed newspapers can now be scanned in the convenience of your computer screen. Whether your purpose is academic-related, investigative or pure reading fun, you can consume this resource in bytes and in a snap. And yes, clippings from past newspaper issues have not faded into oblivion. They have been archived in the hope of having one interested reader retrieve them one day. If that is you, the following tips should make your search easier and enjoyable. Here is how to find old newspaper articles online. Some are free of charge.

  • String effective keywords using the Advanced Search tool. If you are looking for a relative named Irgam Razputnik, the chances of search engines hitting his name on the first page is high. But if your uncle is called Dan Smith, you should be more resourceful in your keyword use. Consider adding his age, job or location to your search. To make your search more relevant and effective, Advanced Search tools list appropriate categories that you only need to fill in.
  • Take the route to the search giant’s archives. The Google News Archives is a highly recommended digital hub. You can swim in its ocean of old newspaper articles, some dating back to the 1700s. Google features a dateline for its collection, which can help you weed out unnecessary data from other periods. It also employs Advanced Search that provides you narrowed down results.
  • Head out for the everything-is-free-of-charge domain. Google is a doorway to tons of old articles in the Internet, but it does not always give them away. Most of its stuff can be availed through subscription, and this always comes with a fee. What if you only need one piece of information from the resource? Check out the freebie stand, instead. The online equivalent store is found in You do not have to worry about answering subscription invites and calculating costs because every clip of fact here is free of charge. Start your search right away by clicking the right category, you can choose from national or location-based collections.
  • Find more freebies. Who would have thought that yesteryears’ information can be obtained without cost, whereas obtaining them in their year of publication could cost you a bit? Welcome to the electronic age. Another site is giving away its collections, It is a great resource for research information, and that includes your old articles from newspapers. It delivers facts and figures in multiple languages, English as main, and from all across the continents of the world. It can definitely be a researcher’s best buddy with its wealth of magazine issues, school newspapers and other printed materials.

Free of charge or not, old newspaper clippings abound in the Internet. You would not have imagined a single fact in the 18th century could be immortalized this way. But it was. Unearth what you are looking for by taking the path written for you above. There is a wealth of resources to bask in.


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