How To Find Old Silver Coins

Silver, gold’s little brother is a metallic element with multiple functions like currency, industry and jewelry. As a valuable metal, silver is considered a sensible investment especially in today’s economic crisis. Like gold, its value usually increases when the world’s prominent currencies like the United States dollar declines. Unlike gold, silver is abundantly found and that is why its value is not too high but it does not mean that silver is not a wise investment. As a matter of fact, the silver’s price has a 300 percent monetary increase for almost five years already. This is quite a grand return for an investment. Many economic experts visualize this bull market in continuous bloom. Silver is collected and sold in bars, silverware, and coins that are easily bought then sold in today’s market, especially online. If you are interested to find old silver items specifically coins, you have to know the best place and the manner to look for them. Follow this simple guide to successfully find old silver coins.

  • Know what you are looking for. Coins that were minted in 1964 like a dime, a quarter, a half dollar or a dollar contain silver. In addition, nickels that were minted from 1942 to 45 also have silver contents.
  • Look at every pocket change you have got. It is so easy to identify old silver coins because they definitely have different features compare to regular coins. Consider looking for old coins with imprint years that were mentioned awhile ago.
  • Buy to find old silver coins.
        • Buy them from local banks. Another way to find old silver coins is to buy rolls of half dollars, quarters and even of dimes. The moment you get hold of these rolls, simply break them open and start your old silver coins search. If in case you cannot find one just bring them back to your local bank. Then you run them all the way through the sorting machine for coins and finally get your cash back.
        • Search online auctions like eBay. In eBay, you will have the chance to get the list of all available old silver coins such as Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars. These coins averagely cost $12 apiece.
        • Buy in estate sales. These kinds of sales are like grand garage sales where you will have a great chance to get hold of old coin sets, which have silver dollars of much high silver value.
        • Find luck in flea markets. This is another good place to find what you are looking for because this is where coin dealers usually sell their items especially if they are non-computer or non-internet literate. If you decide to go to flea markets be sure to bring with you coin guides like “The Red Book” that is considered as the bible of coin collectors. This book will assist you in assessing every silver coin you find.        

  • Search old silver coins on eBay. The moment you get hold of any old silver dollars, check if they still have worth on eBay. The more old the imprint years your found old silver coins, the greater the chance they will be sold for a higher value. If you don’t have found rare coins just have a list of all the coins together for you to sell them.


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