How To Find Online Bingo Sites

So are you itching to play at little game of Bingo before you have to go to work? There are many sites that offer online Bingo games. The range of online Bingo sites include: free sites all the way through paid membership sites. Below you will find information on a few of these sites and if they are free or membership only sites.

  1. - This site offers free online Bingo; however, the pay is in pounds so you will have to do a little math to figure out your winnings. There are several different Bingo games within the site as well as online slot machines. Some of the graphics on this online Bingo site are a little childlike, but there are many different promotions on the site.
  2. - is free to sign up but you have to pay a fee per Bingo card played. There are several different Bingo games on the site and they also offer slot machines, video poker, pull tabs and keno games. There is a lot to do on this site and it also gives their players the option to chat with other players. This site looks like you could win some decent jackpots but you have to remember that you have to pay per card you play so your jackpots might not add up to much. However, once you sign up for free you get $5 in free play.
  3. - offers a totally free online Bingo game called Bingo Luau. With this game you get to use the player chat mode and have tons of fun with the other members. If you want to play Bingo on Pogo without the ads you can sign up for a Club Pogo membership and have access to a few other online Bingo games.

    With Bingo Luau you are playing with three Bingo cards that are pre-selected, but you have the option to change those cards. You also have the option to change the color of the dabs and pick a range of numbers to be called for extra coins. To get a Bingo on this online Bingo game, you have to fill in the numbers of the pattern that is displayed at the top of the screen. You will want to dab off the numbers that are not in the pattern too in order to get extra points that go toward a jackpot spin.

The above online Bingo sites are only a few on an internet filled with them. Whichever online Bingo site you choose, you are sure to have tons of fun. You do have to do a little research however when picking a site to make sure it is a free site and not a free to sign up site which are two different things.


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