How To Find Online Family Restaurant Games

From the tradition of games like Diner Dash, here comes the more enjoyable family restaurant game that is worth all your online gaming time. Although many would consider this as just another arcade game, it is not all action and speed. True, you cannot win this one if you drag and click your mouse too slow. However, this also needs a lot of wits to solve problems and creativity to churn out the best recipes. With that unique combination of speed, intelligence, and creativity required from a player, you would certainly love this game.

To enjoy this game as you would with a hearty meal in a downtown restaurant, follow these easy steps.

  1. Make sure that your PC is up to the task. It needs to have Windows 2000, XP, or Vista as an OS. It should have a processor speed of not less than 1.0 GHz, which can be a Pentium 3 or above. The RAM should also have 128 MB or more and an allotted hard drive space of 100 MB at best. For maximum satisfaction, you should have good graphics and sound cards as well.
  2. Surf the net and search for online games sites and portals. This game is a current craze and it should be on any gaming website’s more popular menu. Download a free trial version, if you think you still need to try this out. But this is guaranteed to satisfy you, so you should instead download the full version for only $19.95. Download time is less than 30 minutes.
  3. Now, you can start playing the game. Click the story mode on the main menu. This will help you get the feel of the game by relating yourself to its characters. Your objective should be, as what the owners of the restaurant are aiming at, getting a 5-star grade. This means that you should win every level in the game.
  4. The levels have themes of different culinary settings. It could be a casual dining restaurant, a breakfast restaurant, an American restaurant, or a brunch restaurant. You are required to create various recipes typical to each of those restaurant settings. You do not have the luxury of time though. You have to do the cooking fast and deal with an increasing volume of customers.
  5. As you overcome the challenges, you may soon find yourself completing all 35 levels and get the coveted 5-star grade for a restaurant. By that time also, you will get used to the terms game, happy, free game download, menu, forest hills, etc. and may soon wish for another tougher version.

Of course, you should not expect to become a world-class restaurateur even after winning a 5-star with this family restaurant game. It is much different in real life situations. The invented recipes you make may not even be possible. However, what can be close is the manner in which you manage time pressure. This can be very difficult but in real life, that counts.


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