How To Find Online Logic Puzzle Solvers

Solving logic puzzles and problems is a great way to exercise your mental faculties. Studies show that people who regularly solve simple word or mathematical problems like Sudoku or crosswords generally tend to have sharper mental abilities when they approach old age, compared to their contemporaries who don't. So know that if you are somebody who always needs to get his crossword puzzle fix, be assured that you are not just doing it for fun but you're really investing for your future mental state, as well.

At one point or another, you'd likely find yourself stumped by a mind puzzle problem. In that case, you could always find help through online logic puzzle solvers specially created to help you get through a stumper. Here's how to find some of these online logic solvers:

  1. - This website offers to help you solve crossword questions that are just beyond you. Here's how it works: First, type the given clue for that particular item on the appropriate field. Second, type the word pattern; or in other words, the number of letters that word has. If you already are sure of some of the letters of that word, you could type down these letters, inserting a question mark in place of the letters that you don't yet know. Example: you could write down 9 (if the word has 9 letters), or something like ?d???t??? Be guided also by its page, "Hints for Better Searching," to make your queries faster and easier. A similar website is, which offers virtually the same logic server service as oneacross. Try out both, and see which works better for you.
  2. - If you are faced with a teaser puzzle about scrambled words, try out this website. It's superbly easy to use: just type in the scrambled word in the field, then press the key, "Solve it!"
  3. - This website is a treasure trove of puzzle solvers for math puzzles and word puzzles alike. Some of the websites that it links to include Andy's Anagram Solver, Alphametic Puzzle Solver, and Word Lists for Crosswords.
  4. - Yet another treasure trove of logic solvers could be found at this website. The solutions it offers are not limited to online games, but also to logic puzzlers applicable to objects, such as Rubik's cubes and sliding squares. However, some of the solutions are only given via email.
  5. - At this website, you could find fun riddles logic and puns, along with the answers to them. If you want to take a look at some examples of riddles along with answers, check out

There you have it! These are just some of the user-friendly websites that you could use to solve some of the logic puzzles that you may be solving in your newspaper or your magazine. Know that apart from these puzzle solvers, you could probably be interested in websites that offer free printable worksheets with Math or logic problems that you could exercise your mind with. Some websites to try out include, and Good luck, and happy solving!


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