How To Find Remote Controlled Monster Truck Models

Fun, strong and ready-to-run vehicles such as monster truck models operated by remote control are considered not just toys but as a hobby by their increasing number of users. Whether you like to buy your own RC truck brand or one that is for sale on classified ads, buying the best in the industry is a must.

If you are a newbie to this kind of hobby, you may check out this website: for a helpful beginner's guide on RC trucks. When buying a remote control truck, you can choose between gas/nitro powered and electric models. Here is a list of some remote controlled truck models considered as among the best: 

  • The Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 is a power RC monster truck equipped with a TRX 2.5 racing engine that produces 60% more power than its rival models. It is also equipped with a track width of over 1 inch greater than the original maxx models. You have many mounting positions for shock absorbers, giving you the boundless joys of fine tuning your very own monster truck, the Traxxas nitro truck, which is a remote control toy, though. This racing monster truck is expensive but on the light side, this truck is ready to run with a complete radio control system and nitro motors. You might consider the price of the truck but the most important is the quality and the fun factor. See interesting previews at
  • The Traxxas REVO is a true racing truck which is nitro powered. In 2004, it won the R/C Pro Series Finals - Production Class. Outside of its box, it is ready to run and comes with high performance racing parts.Made for speed, you might consider this RC truck to burn rubber over racetrack.
  • The Kyosho Mega Force RTR is from Kyosho, the same company with a track record of producing world championship winning trucks and cars. If you are a neophyte in nitro, this truck is a must-buy for you not only because this is one of the cheapest ready-to-run gas powered monster trucks but also it is easy to operate and its durability is outstanding.See popular reviews at
  • The Team Losi LST2 is considered the next generation's big block creative design and nitro horsepower. It brings you the most superior monster truck envisioned - ever! The LST2 marks the strength of an innovative Mach 427 engine. The LST2 is the absolute, high-performance, ready-to-run package you have been looking for in a monster truck model. For more information, log on at
  • HPI Savage X - An RC monster truck that outruns all others? Then HPI Savage X is best for you. It has an accelerating speed, adjustability and rugged terrain endurance, this RC truck can take all weather elements in race. The development of this RC model is heavily based on the suggestions and advices of the HPI Savage users that gradually improved and added a number of changes. With the customer's satisfaction in mind, HPI was able to upgrade its trucks through much advancement, giving it an edge over race tracks and rugged terrains. It has features such as wider body for centralized heavy gravity torque, new designs and an optional nylon roll cage for engine protection and vitality. The HPI's Savage (X)'s low center of gravity gives the entire RC truck streamlining to reduce air resistance as well as low center of gravity to provide overturning. This ultimately results in adept controlling and high speed maneuvers. See more information at:


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