How To Find Scrapbooking Stores

Scrapbooking stores are pretty simple to find.  One option you can try is to look in your local phone book.  They usually list the stores in the area and from there you can call the individual stores to find out what they carry - or you can just visit the store.  Sometimes they carry scrapbook supplies in regular craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels.  These craft stores usually have a specific scrapbooking section.  If you'd like to shop at a specialty scrapbook store, keep in mind that these are often more expensive than regular craft stores.  However, there is often a wider selection when you go to a scrapbooking store.    

You can also look online for scrapbooking stores.  There might be some new stores in the area or they might just choose to be listed online.  Also, by going online, you might be able to buy from the store's website, which might feature more products.  It is a matter of searching every possible link you get to find the best ones.  You also might find scrapbooking stores which have deals or clearance sales, which might mean you can get a set of supplies for less money; that's always good!  You can get sets of paper and in some cases you can get deals for joining their website. 

You can also find scrapbooking stores by word of mouth.  There are many people that scrapbook; in some communities, scrapbookers have meetings and get together to give tips.  People that you meet at these functions probably have a good idea about places to go or places to find supplies.  Some of them might be able to tell you more places in the area if they have been doing it for a long time.  Maybe they know of a great place that is out of the area, but is worth the drive.    

You can also just solely do your shopping on scrapbooking stores you find online.  Some people don't want to leave home to find supplies, so they buy everything online.  There are a bunch of stores online.  The good thing about finding scrapbooking stores online is that you might be looking for something special.  Some stores have special things that carry which nobody else does.  You can look for specialty items online instead of traveling to a store that might not carry what you are looking for. 

Those are pretty simple options.  You just have to look, find and shop at the scrapbooking stores.


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