How To Find Sheet Music to Opening Theme Songs

Isn’t it nice to know how to play the opening theme of your favorite movie, series, or game? Yes, it is possible. The only thing you need to do is to find its corresponding sheet music. With the help of this, you can perform the song anywhere, anytime, no matter what instrument you have there with you.

Don’t ever say that it is hard to look for the sheet music of the opening songs. The truth is, there are actually a lot of ways on how you can find copies of it. Be it the Gravitation theme, Evangelion theme, Gundam theme—you name it and you can definitely have the sheet music of it. Here’s how:

1.    Check out the Internet’s largest sheet music guide. Of course, the Internet will never fail in your search for sheet music of an opening intro of, say, series, play, or movie. Tagged as the largest of all of the sheet music guides in the Net, you can go to The Free Sheet Music Guide. Here, you just need to input the title of the opening intro songs and even ending theme. You will quickly download a sheet music for free or for a small fee.
2.    Go check for independent websites that either sells sheet music or gives them for free. Examples of websites that has a large database of sheet music not only for opening theme and ending theme but as well as other types or genres of music include:

  • The Music Company. This is a good place to look for sheet music whether it is for guitar, piano, or flute. You can select from sheet music books or single sheets to purchase from this site.
  • Sheet Music Plus. Here, they offer sheet music for all genres. You just need to search for what you are looking for at the site and then you can purchase it. The sheet music will be shipped in a couple of days.
  • In this site, there is a list of websites for reference on where you can get free sheet music. These are downloadable and printable sheet music for your convenience.
  • PianoFiles. You need first to be a member of this site before you can make transactions. Once you are a member, you will have access to other member’s music sheet and trade it with your own sheets. You’ll definitely find a lot of sheets for Evangelion theme as well as that of Gravitation theme and Gundam theme.

3.    Check your local music stores as well. It may not be obvious but your local music stores might have those sheets that you need. Though it may be very hard to look for specific pieces, this is one good choice if you don’t trust online shopping.

4.    Research in libraries. You can try to check the music section of libraries as well.

So now, if you need to have a sheet music of the opening theme song of a movie, series and play, finding it will just be a piece of cake. There are various resources that can definitely help you—you just need a little patience finding some hard-to-find pieces.


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