How To Find Stone Sculpture Supplies

Stone sculpture is one of the most well-known forms of art in the world today. Numerous artists have made their name in the art world through the stone sculpture medium. If you are interested in doing stone sculptures, a critical first step is to find the basic sculpture supplies that you will need to make your creations. These include the sculpture tools, molding supplies, sculpture plastic, sculpture casting, and sculpture rocks. Some of the more common supplies include carving stone, pneumatic tools, silicon carbide grinding burrs, polishes, diamond pads, support gloves, turning pins, and others.

Here are some tips on finding stone sculpture supplies for your projects:

  1. Check Stone Sculpture magazines. One excellent source for finding stone sculpture supplies would be the well-known and outstanding publications regarding the subject matter, magazines such as ESPACE, Sculptural Pursuit, Sculpture Magazine, Stone Report, Stone World, Stonexus, and TRACES. Most of these magazines provide lists of suppliers for various stone sculpture items, from the raw materials, like rocks, to tools, such as pneumatic equipment and diamond pads. One advantage of getting your suppliers list from these magazines is that all of the suppliers listed are well-established distributors who have been making a mark on the stone sculpture world; these are suppliers who are patronized by the best in the industry, and are therefore well worth the money.
  2. Join a Stone Sculpture art class. If you are a beginner, the best way to get your hands on some good stone sculpture supplies is to join a stone sculpture art class. The advantage of joining an art class is that quite often, you do not have to go and find the supplies on your own; instead, the supplies are provided for by the teacher, and charged in the joining fee or the tuition fee. Because, more likely than not, your teacher will be someone who has had experience working with stone sculptures, and who presumably has been more exposed to the world of stone sculptures, he or she has access to and knowledge about the best deals and the best distributors with regard to stone sculpture supplies. This means that you are more likely to get some good quality materials at a fraction of the cost, than if you were to go and find the supplies yourself.
  3. Link up with an art studio. If, on the other hand, you are more on the experienced side, and you’ve had a moderate amount of exposure in the stone sculpture world, a good option for you is to find an art studio and to source your materials through their contacts. Art studios would generally be open to helping out up-and-coming artists, especially those who could potentially make a contribution to their line-up in the future. Since art is their business, you can be sure that they have a pretty solid list of suppliers at the ready, and you are also ensured of the quality of supplies that you will be receiving.

Finding stone sculpture supplies may be a bit harder than finding your average paintbrush, but with the right contacts and the proper information, you could take your pick of the suppliers that are out there.


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