How To Find the Value of Pokemon Cards

Pokemon or Pocket Monsters or Poketta Monsuta all mean the same. Pokemon is a contraction of the Japanese name Poketta Monsuta. Pokemon is a video game created by Nintendo, the same company that created the widely popular Super Mario. Pokemon also evolved into a card trading game where players pit the strength and attributes of the characters they have against each other. There are 493 fictional characters in Pokemon, including the lovable Pikachu.

Each Pokemon card now carry a value and trading card enthusiasts and collectors are always on the lookout for ones that are rare and in mint condition. Before you consider selling your Pokemon trading cards, below are some tips on how to find their value.

  • Look for websites that provide lists of the value of each Pokemon card. You will get information on what types of trading card collectors are looking for, what condition and the relative value of the Pokemon cards. is a site dedicated to Pokemon trading cards and the site owners have compiled a list of card values. Check out the site to get the information you need. Click on the name to view the list.
  • Take a look at your collection of Pokemon cards to sort them. There are symbols in the cards that will tell you if the card is a common card or a rare card. You can organize your collection according to its rarity. A card with a solid black circle is a common card so its value is the lowest. Cards with a solid black diamond symbol are uncommon. There are cards with a solid black star and some with holographic stars. These two are the rare cards that bear the highest value since there are only a limited number of these in existence.
  • Cards belonging to a set are much sought after since collectors want to get their hands on all the cards that belong to a set. A set includes one hundred cards and even if some characters are included in other sets, the value of the card will still be determined by the set where the card belongs.
  • See if your some of your cards have misprints. These cards are also collectors’ items. You can check a list of Pokemon cards that have been misprinted and their values from the website. Of course the value quoted is for the cards in mint condition. Nevertheless the price can be quite high. A Pikachu promo card that got mixed with the Jungle set and been printed with First Edition can be sold for ninety dollars.
  • Check out the list of rare Pokemon cards. There are some Pokemon cards that have been released in Japan which are considered quite rare and can fetch a price from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. One is called Pokemon Illustrator, the other is called Tropical Mega Battle and another one is called Super Secret Battle. There are still several Pokemon cards that are now considered rare.

Gather all the information that you will need if you are interested in buying or selling Pokemon cards. Always check the condition of the card you will buy or sell. Most sites are very helpful and will tell you what to look for and what cards are not acceptable.


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