How To Find the Value of Your Commemorative Coins

The first commemorative coin is believed to be the 1848 gold piece, with a CAL counter-stamp. This was the coin that commemorated the discovery of gold in California that same year. Since then, commemorative coins have been given high regard both by numismatists and many professional and amateur coin collectors. Since commemorative coins tell the story of a nation’s history, their value can never be overlooked. Therefore, knowing the real value of such coin treasures is top priority.

The United States Congress is the one responsible for making a coin venerate and honor an event, person, institution or place. The department which produces the coin at a limited number and for a limited time is the United States Mint. Since 1982, the US Mint has accumulated over $400,000,000 to aid some of the government’s programs, including support for the Olympics, establishment of museums, and to preserve national monuments like the Vietnam War Memorial and the historic George Washington home.

When collecting commemorative coins, it is always important to know not just the market value of the coin you’re eyeing to collect. As a collector, it is also imperative that you know the history behind the creation of such a coin and its significance to the nation’s history. A good source of information regarding the making of the commemorative coin and why its production has been authorized by the government is the US Mint. Its online catalog contains everything – from the latest to the most aged of commemorative coins ever released. Not only does the US Mint provide coin collectors with a complete package of information regarding its coins, but it also makes a perfect informational resource for coin collectors and clubs.

The US Mint website contains galleries of coins for collectors to gaze at and buy while teaching beginners the basics of coin collecting. The site provides helpful resources and multimedia presentations along with collector’s forums and a consumer alerts page, to keep you from being clueless about the hottest news in coin collecting. Whether you’re in it as a hobby or to be a professional numismatist, you’ll definitely be checking out the US Mint for guaranteed information throughout your years of coin collection.

To gain much sturdier ground, in the hobby of coin collecting, you also want to explore other resources to check the on-going price tags on your coins. There are existing websites that can help you identify the value of your commemorative coins. An example would be the Professional Coin Grading Service, or PCGS. This online resource provides coin collectors with sufficient guidance on the differing prices of such coins vis-à-vis price changes according the grades of the coins and other factors that may affect the prices. While PCGS may seem comprehensive enough to do the work for you, as a collector you still need to verify such information on your own.

You may also check with other coin collectors through auction sites or online shops as to how much your commemorative coins are worth but it is always best to take extra caution when dealing with such mechanisms.

In conclusion, there are available online resources for you to check with to get the right appraisal of your commemorative coin collection. It still is your responsibility, however, to ensure you are getting the right answers from the right site - so be attentive to the information being provided to you.


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