How To Find Various Types of Pocket Portfolios

An attractive portfolio sets a professional apart from his or her opposition.  Whether you are a commercial artist, a fine artist, an architect, a building contractor, a student, a businessman, or a saleswoman, a fashionable portfolio for holding documents is a must-have accessory.

Portfolios range from regular-sized pocket portfolios for standard or legal-sized documents to larger cases that hold oversized documents like drawings, blueprints or maps.  Materials available include leather portfolios, metal cases, nylon or canvas cases or cardboard portfolios.

Start your search at an office supply store or at store websites where you will find portfolios and cases and can easily compare prices and sizes.  You may also wish to search for specialized architecture or artist portfolios online initially, to see which stores have the best selection.

The most basic pocket portfolio is the cardboard folder, easily found at discount and office supply stores in a wide array of colors.  These folders may have business card slots pre-cut in the pockets, and sometimes contain center prongs to hold papers that are hole punched.  There are even pocket portfolios designed to hold documents with a landscape orientation, in case your documents are printed in that fashion.

If a plain cardboard portfolio is not striking enough for your purpose, you will also find patterned portfolios, shiny laminated portfolios, leather portfolios, and clear or opaque plastic portfolios.  These may close without fastening, may have a fold-over flap, or may have fasteners, including Velcro (TM), snaps, or ties.

Many businesses choose to have folders personalized and imprinted with their logo and the name and contact information of the company.  This personalization is offered at a local office supply store, by printers, or through online printing services.

A larger business portfolio case can hold your laptop, cell phone, pens, and other daily use items.  These are also referred to as briefcases, or for salesmen who tote materials for demonstration to clients, they may be called sample cases.  Leather is the most popular choice, in a variety of rich colors such as black, brown, tan, cognac, or burgundy.  If you travel frequently, a metal case may offer more protection for your computer and cell phone.

Sources for more expensive business, artist and architecture portfolios include art supply stores and websites that sell art or architecture supplies.  Specialized luggage stores, found in upscale shopping malls and online, often carry these portfolios in leather, chrome or fabric choices such as nylon or canvas.  If you see a co-worker with an attractive portfolio case, you may want to compliment his taste and ask where he found the item.

Whether you are making a presentation, meeting a prospective employer or promoting your firm, a professional portfolio case can help you make an excellent first impression upon your audience.


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