How To Fix a Frayed Buttonhole

Frayed buttonholes are caused with excessive use or washing, resulting in the fabric wearing out or getting tattered, be it a shirt, suit, trouser, blouse, etc. This also leads to the buttons popping out at the slightest provocation or at the most inopportune moments! Imagine if you are in a crowded place and the buttonhole on your trouser threatens to come loose! If you are a well-organized person who likes their things neat and tidy, a frayed buttonhole can be a cause of major worry! To avoid a nervous breakdown over frayed buttonholes, here are some guidelines on fixing a frayed buttonhole.

Materials required:

  • Needle
  • Matching thread (if possible the same shade or one very close to the thread used originally)
  • A seam ripper
  • A pair of scissors

Action steps:

  • Use the seam ripper to carefully cut off the threads from the frayed buttonhole.
  • With a thread matching your garment, thread the needle and knot the ends.
  • Start with stitching the farthest side of the frayed buttonhole, ensuring that you hold the garment right side-up with the buttonhole horizontal.
  • Place the needle at the wrong side of the garment and pierce through all the layers of the garment, making sure that you are at the same distance below the slit as the previous stitches.
  • Follow the previous line of stitching and pierce the needle through the buttonhole slit.
  • Follow the process of piercing the needle through the layers of the garment but, this time, encircle (hold the thread and circle it around the needle - clockwise) the needle with the thread, before you pull the needle out onto the other side. This helps you knot the edge of the buttonhole slit.
  • Repeat the process of piercing the needle through the buttonhole slit (left to right) ensuring you have covered the garment with close stitches.
  • Use your thumbnail to adjust the stitches to avoid the buttonhole from lumping.
  • Continue with this process until you reach the point where you started.
  • Stitch over the first knot and with the needle pierced on the wrong side, make a knot.
  • Cut off any extra thread with a pair of scissors.

Now that you are aware as to how simple it is to fix a frayed buttonhole, rest assured you will have no additional stress about embarrassing public displays with your buttons popping out! A stitch in time does save nine!


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