How To Fix an Aquarium Chiller

It is highly important to keep your aquarium chiller in working condition.  It is the mechanism that helps to maintain the water temperature in your aquarium set up.  Your fish certainly needs cooler water in order to survive there.

An aquarium chiller functions closely like the cooling system in your air conditioning unit.  Some of its components may break down, especially when you have been using it for a while. Don’t worry when your aquarium chiller begins to malfunction.  You can surely solve the problem.  All you need to do is apply some trouble-shooting techniques, allowing you to identify the part (or parts) that are no longer functioning well.  You can replace the part (or parts) and let your aquarium chiller become functional again.  This is definitely a lot cheaper, particularly if you don’t have the budget to buy a new unit. Here are the guidelines. Read on:

  • Turn off your aquarium chiller.  Then, unplug it and take it out of your aquarium tank.  You should include its pipe.
  • Transfer your aquarium chiller and its pipe into a work station, preferably on a table.  Leave them for a while to dry.
  • Once everything is dry, look for the intake tube.  It is responsible in sucking the water from your aquarium tank into the aquarium chiller.  Prepare to remove it.  Then, allow water to run through it.  See to it that there are no obstructions affecting the water flow.  Of course, if there are obstructions, remove them promptly.
  • Inspect the intake tube again.  If there are cracks or holes, it is already damaged.  You should discard it.  You should find a replacement.  You can get a new one from a pet store in your area.    
  • Next in your list is the output tube.  Assess if it is working properly.  Follow the instructions specified in Step 3.  If it is working well, proceed to the next step.
  • Expose the cooling system and the pump.  You can do that by unscrewing the back cover of your aquarium chiller.  Again, inspect all the parts.  They should be kept dry.  When everything is OK, plug in your unit.  Observe the fan and the pump.  If they don’t move, check out the cord.  The problem may be electrical.  Replace the cord, if repair can’t be made.  On the other hand, if only one of the two is working, look for obstructions.  Take them out. If there are no obstructions, see if repair or replacement is appropriate.
  • Go to the refrigerant unit.  You won’t miss it.  It is the one with coils.  Examine it.  Is there any corrosion?  Do you see any cracks or leaks?  Bear in mind that a leaking coolant is poisonous.  It can kill your fish instantaneously.  So, you have to replace it.
  • Get the back cover and screw it back on.  Make sure everything is done securely.

You can return the aquarium chiller into your tank after trouble-shooting.  Prepare to check it is already working.  Give it about 15 minutes.  That should be enough time to let you know if the temperature is getting colder.


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