How To Fix Gamecube Games with Scratches

If you are an avid gamer, then you know that scratches on the disk is inevitable. Whether it is through your own carelessness or that of your friends or family members—or even from playing the game too often, scratches really are bound to appear on a game disc. Gamecube games are no exception to that rule. Even if you are very careful when it comes to putting the game in the console or placing it back in its protective box, eventually, the constant use on your Gamecube will cause a little scratch or two on the disc, which is not too bad but it can multiply in time.

Scratches on the disc means that running the game will not be as effective, as it will suffer from longer load times, broken FMV cut-scenes, or even glitches within the game itself, which is why it is important to try and fix the damage to you Gamecube games before the scratches become too deep to successfully repair. If that happens, then you will have to purchase a new game disc, which often go for steep prices. So it is best to catch it early, before you are forced to have it replaced.

This article provides some home-made remedies when it comes to trying to get rid of game disc scratches, so if you are interested in prolonging the lifespan of your games, then read on to the steps written below:

  • Gather some simple, household items. You will need some toothpaste, cotton swabs, a soft piece of cloth, auto cleaner, and lastly, some petroleum jelly. These are some simple fixes with no absolute guarantee, but if your disc is still in relatively good shape, then this should make for a very effective fix. Once you have gathered all of the materials you need, then you can start.
  • The first remedy is simple—all you have to do is clean the disc with toothpaste. This can be done by squeezing some of the toothpaste onto your cotton swab, and gently but thoroughly rubbing the swab across the scratched area of the disc. It’s amazing what simple toothpaste can do to a game disc, you may be surprised to find that the scratch is beginning to disappear as you rub it with your cotton swab.

    Eventually the scratch will have completely disappeared, after which you can begin cleaning the disc with purified water (normal tap water will do as well). Once you are done, wipe the disc with your soft cloth and that should deal with most light scratches.

  • Petroleum jelly works just as well. Treat the disc just like you did in the first remedy, only this time, use petroleum jelly. This can be just as effective as the toothpaste (if not more so), though the toothpaste is more readily available in most households. If you happen to have petroleum jelly around, then use that over the toothpaste. It should get rid of minor scratches, as well as some slightly deeper ones.

If these remedies do not work, then you can live with the slowdown and breakups of your Gamecube game, or replace it with a new game disc—just remember to use these remedies next time, before it is again too late to do so.


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