How To Fix Piano Hammers

It is not just enough that you know how you can play a piano. If you have an instrument at home, it is important that you know the ways in repairing the piano hammers, too. This is because if you do not fix the problems in the hammers, it will turn out to be not giving you the best sounds for you. So here, check out this guide to help you in fixing the piano hammers the right way.

  • Ensure that the hammers are broken. At times, the problem is not really the hammers but the strings.  You will know if the problem is the hammers when there is not much noise. Take note that broken strings produce cracking snap. Only proceed with the steps below if you are sure that the hammers are broken. Keep in mind that fixing the strings must only be done by the professionals.
  • Access the piano hammers through the bridle strap. Take out the instrument's bridle strap so you can get a view of the hammers. Remove any debris or dust from the inside of the instrument before you take out the piano hammers. Once the hammers are in view, unscrew all the broken hammers and remove them very carefully from the instrument. If the felt is already falling off from the hammers already, make sure that you remove the parts with extra care.
  • Glue the felt back onto the hammers. Apply only a very light layer of glue onto the piano hammers especially where the felt is going loose. Tighten a C-clamp around the hammers so that both the hammers and felt will be secured well together. Let the glue on the hammers dry or wait for around ten minutes.
  • Put drill holes in the felt. Measure 3/8 of an inch from the felt's back and drill two holes right through the hammer and felt.
  • Insert a wire right through the holes. Feed a wire going through the drilled holes. When finished, the wire must be sticking from the back of the hammers and the rest of the wire must be pulling snuggly on the felt.
  • Twist the wire at the tail of the hammers. Twist together the tail of the wire but make sure that it is pulling tightly against the hammers.
  • Cut off any excess wire from the hammers. When you cut off the wire, make sure that there is at least one inch left hanging from the hammers' back. Make it a point that the rest of the wire is out of your way. To do this, fold the wire flatly against the hammers.
  • Bring back the hammers into the instrument. Slide the hammers into the piano and screw them into their proper places once you have worked on each damaged hammer. Put the cover back and then test the piano with a few strokes.

When the piano hammers are broken, your playing and listening experiences with the instrument will not always be the best. Hence, it will always be helpful if you know how to fix whatever the problem is in the hammers. Take note that you do not need to become a professional just so you can fix the hammers. With just following the above-mentioned instructions, you can always have a smooth experience with your piano.


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