How To Focus Your Creativity

5 Top Tips

A lack of focus is one of the most common struggles I hear about from my Creativity Coaching clients.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

You have no shortage of ideas, or enthusiasm. Your creative energy is raining down all around you like a tropical rainstorm. But none – or very little – of this huge amount of creative energy is developing into anything tangible.

Without focus, creativity is haphazard and results in plenty of surface activity that makes it look like you're being very creative. But in fact, very little of any reward or fulfillment is coming of it.

It’s like having a trayful of tiny plants and blasting them randomly with a jet hose when what they really need to grow is just regular gentle care and watering, one by one.

So here are 5 top tips to help you get more focused in your creative life and see your creativity increase many times over.

  1. Pick one creative project. Working on one project at a time seems an obvious way to be more focused. But still most of us have a dozen or more on the go at once. By the time we’ve got anywhere significant with any of them, we’ve lost motivation and interest. Pick just one creative project to work on for the next 7 days. After that time, see how you’ve progressed and decide how you wish to continue.
  2. Focus your workspace. Remove as much distraction as possible from where you create. If you have a TV, lots of magazines, your mobile phone and a selection of food around you, there’s a great temptation to dip into any of these rather than focus on creating. Strip back just to the creative essentials.
  3. Choose fixed periods of time to create. If you say “I’ll try to create for a bit this evening if I can squeeze it in”, even with the best of intentions, your creative time is always going to be sacrificed for something that seems more of a priority at the time. Instead say, “At 7 pm tonight, I’m going to go and create for 20 minutes.” Then stick to it. It makes a huge difference.
  4. Let go of old projects. Do you, like most of us who create, have a collection of partly finished projects that haunt you? And you keep most of them in sight, just to add to the painful knowledge that they’re unfinished? Put them completely out of sight, just for now, and give yourself permission to let them go and move on. Begin something new; start with a fresh slate.
  5. Streamline your creative equipment. This will vary depending on your main creative medium. But whatever it is, reduce your equipment to a quarter of what you usually use. For example if you use 12 different pens, use just 3. If you have 40 colors of paint, use just 10. If you use 24-track studio software, use just 6 tracks. Reducing the options actually makes you MORE creative as you’re less overwhelmed with choice and possibility.

Use any one of these 5 tips to get creatively focused and you’ll notice a significant difference in your creativity. Use 2 or more in combination to increase the effect even more.

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