How To Fold a Paper Snowflake

Cutting paper snowflakes

A great craft to do with kids is creating snowflakes. Get energized for the coming winter or decorate your home for the holiday season. All you need is a little time and creativity and you will be able to fold a paper snowflake.

1 sheet of white paper

  1. Start with an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of white paper. Lay the paper flat on your desk.
  2. Fold the top left corner down. Fold the corner until the top of the sheet of paper lines up with the right side. You are making a triangle with the fold. The bottom of the sheet of paper is still a rectangle.
  3. Remove the excess. With the scissors, cut off the bottom section of the paper that is not part of the triangle.
  4. Fold to make a smaller triangle. After you remove the excess, you now have a large triangle. Position the triangle so that the longest side is closest to you on the desk and the point is at the top. Take the left point and fold the triangle in half. The left point meets the right point.
  5. Turn the triangle. Position the new longest side closest to you on the desk and the point is at the top again.
  6. Make the next fold. Take the left point. Fold it so that the top point is the same but the left point folds two-thirds of the way toward the right point. The points don’t meet.
  7. Make the fourth fold. Now take the right point. Fold it so that the right edge crosses over the fold made with the left point and the right edge lines up with the center of the previous fold. You should now have a triangle with the point at the top and two tails hanging down.
  8. Cut the tails. With your scissors, cut the bottom of your triangle so that there are no ends sticking out. You should now have a narrow triangle with two long sides and a small base.
  9. Get creative and cut out edge pieces. This is the part where your snowflake becomes unique. Hold the triangle in your left hand (if you are right handed). Using the scissors, cut pieces out of the triangle. You can cut off the top point if you want a snowflake with a hole in the center. Or try cutting out small rectangles, triangles or half circles out of any of the edges.
  10. Unfold the paper and see your snowflake. Slowly unfold the paper. Lay the paper flat on your desk. You have now created a six-sided snowflake of your very own.

You can use smaller pieces of paper for smaller snowflakes or experiment with colored paper. Consider leaving your snowflake uniquely plain. Or decorate it with glitter and glue. Whatever you do, your unique snowflake will be fun for the whole family.


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