How To Fold an Origami Box with a Lid

Sometimes, presenting your gifts in a unique way can further excite the recipient. You may have spotted the perfect present, but you don't know how to wrap it. Of course, you also want your packaging to be as flawless as your gift. Using ordinary wrapping papers is so outdated and they go straight to the bin anyway. I'm sure the experience of receiving is heightened when the present is beautifully wrapped.

Thanks to ancient Japanese ingenuity. Origami or the art of paper folding has added spice to gift-wrapping ideas. Why not try to “learn Japanese” in your next gift presentation?

Don't get upset by the seemingly brain-wracking process of making intricate patterns. The folding here and there is actually a fun way to stretch your brain muscles, just so you know.

This gift box is one of the simplest objects you could create out of the infinite possibilities that the Japanese art offers. You don't even have to understand the mathematics of origami. You simply have to know how to follow instructions. That said, let this simple tutorial help you create an origami box with cover.

  1. Prepare your ruler, cutting board, 11x17 paper, pencil, eraser, and a paper cutter.
  2. Cut out the paper into 6x6-sized squares.
  3. Draw 13⁄4-inch sized fold lines on the squares. The center then will have a 21⁄2-inch square.
  4. Fold and crease the traced corners. Be sure to fold the paper over the pencil lines, so they won't show once your box is done.
  5. Fold the corners toward the center. Each corner should be pointed to the edges of the square in the center square.
  6. Your box is starting to take its shape by this time. Form a half cube by folding each folded corner forward. The edges should meet at the center and form a loop. Properly align the edges and straighten the loop.
  7. Put the two halves together. At this point, the papers should form a box. You should also keep in mind to keep triangle creases flat as you place one half over the other.  This will keep the two in place.
  8. In making the lid, you can repeat steps 1 to 7, but you have to make it slightly bigger to place the cover on top of the box.

You can now place your gift inside, and surprise people. For those business-minded people out there, this gift-wrapping idea may also boost your selling strategies. In this ever-evolving fast-food generation, there are surely a lot of busy people who like to ditch the gift-wrapping task. 

You can modify these gift boxes with other designing ideas, and be an original.

Nothing compares to seeing how a family member or a friend becomes ecstatic upon getting your present. Surely, you always want to come up with ideas to surprise those special to you. The effort you have shown in preparing your gift just shows how you value the recipient. If big things come in small packages, adorning the package would indeed add a different meaning to giving.


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