How To Fold Invitations

There are many ways to fold invitations. With these so many, it is impossible to compile all these folding techniques. After all, folding invitations does not rely on the rules but on the person’s taste and skills. You may fold invitations with the simplest and most common techniques. You may also fold invitations using very interesting and a bit complicated techniques.

Basic Invitation Folding Techniques

The following techniques are not only used for folding invitations but for folding letters, too. If you want the simplest folding, then one of the following will suit your taste.

  • Single fold. Simply fold the paper in half, either lengthwise or widthwise. To do this correctly, lay the paper on a hard surface like a table. Fold it evenly to either side. Run a ruler through the folded edge for even crease.
  • Double fold. Find the paper’s center either by folding it in half or by using a ruler. Knowing the center is important for even double fold. Take one side of the paper to the center and fold it. Do the same for the other side. This fold will look like you’ve made a two-door entrance to what’s inside the invitation.
  • Triple fold. This folding technique is also called the brochure-style because it’s commonly done on brochures. You’ll have to fold the paper widthwise so that you’ll make three equal parts. Do this correctly by folding one side to cover 2/3 of the paper. Fold the other side to the first side’s folded edge.

These simple folding techniques can become more interesting by incorporating more design ideas. For example, instead of just folding the paper with the single fold, you can cut interesting shapes on the top fold. Cut circle, heart, or square at the center or cut a pattern on the side. With more ideas, the usual and boring folding techniques can create a great design.

Advanced Folding Techniques for Invitations

The limitation of your folding technique choices is as vast as your imagination. The following tips will help you get started with advanced folding techniques.

  • Incorporate origami. Use the ancient art of Japanese paper folding to your invitation. Origami patterns vary from the simplest to the most complex. You may send invitations in origami patterns like heart, star, flowers, or animals. The problem is, the receiver might not be that crafty to fold back the invitation to its original form. That is why most invitations will add origami only as accents.
  • Use varying colors. Folding the invitation is only a part of what you can do to make it interesting. Use varying colors for the paper, too. Try the single fold using only one color of paper and try it using two colors of paper. You’ll notice that varying in color adds accent to the invitation.
  • Adding other elements. A single fold can be plain and boring. Add a different element to it like a shiny ribbon or a beaded string. Punch a hole through the paper and tie a piece of fabric.

The list of ideas is almost endless. Use your imagination. Conceptualize. Be inspired. You’ll see, you might be able to turn a basic folding of the invitation into something elegant and unique.


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