How To Fold Paper into a Secret Note Square

The benefit of a secret note square is that you can pass notes to friends and anyone who tries to intercept the note will have difficulty opening the note and reading your message. The shape also makes it easy to slip this note to a pal without being seen. If you want to fold paper into a secret note square, follow these steps.

  1. Place the sheet of paper flat. When you begin your note should be written on the side of the page facing down to the table.
  2. Fold along the long side twice. Fold the paper in half once and crease the fold. Then fold it in half a second time and crease the fold. You should have a long, thin paper.
  3. Create triangle folds on the ends. Start on one end of the long piece of paper. Fold the top corner down until it meets the bottom edge to create a right triangle. At the opposite end of the paper fold the bottom corner up to the top edge to create a right triangle at that end. With these two folds you should have a parallelogram shape.
  4. Create a parallelogram. This is the difficult step. Start with the first end from the previous step. The top point of that triangle will form the right angle of the triangle you create in this fold. Hold that corner and pull it down until it meets the bottom edge. Crease the edge. Then unfold the triangle you made on this end in the last step. You should notice a parallelogram with the point leading down. Repeat this fold on the other end by folding the corner and pulling it up to meet the top edge. When you are done with this step you should have the shape of an S turned sideways.
  5. Fold over the sides. Start with one end parallelogram. Hold the point at the top and fold the paper over on a vertical line so that the fold is over the center square area of the paper. Then with the other end fold the paper under the center square along a vertical line at the bottom point of the parallelogram on that end of the paper. Now you should have a square with a triangle on the top and one on the bottom.
  6. Fold up the triangles. Take the top triangle and fold it toward the square shape and slide it underneath the triangle that makes up half of the center square. This tucks the top side into the square. Then turn the paper upside down and repeat this step to fold the other triangle up and into the square shape.

Now you have created a secret note square. You may want to practice a few times before trying to send a quick note during class. Folding this square takes time and patience and you don't want to try it under the suspicious eyes of a teacher.


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