How To Fold Ribbon Flowers

Ribbons will never cease being a part of the crafty world. It can beautify a gift, it can give accent to a skirt, and it can add youthful glow to hair. But unknown to most people, ribbons can also be used to make flowers. Just a little folding skill and the plain ribbon can be turned to a ribbon flower. Below are some ways to fold ribbon flowers.

Ribbon Flower with Long Petals

  • Cut four pieces of six-inch ribbon. You may use different ribbon colors as long as you use ribbons with the same width.
  • Stitch the ends of one ribbon together. Take one end of the ribbon and overlap it to the other end so that you can make a circle out of the ribbon. Stitch or paste the two ends together. Do the same for the other three ribbons.
  • Make a cross out of two ribbons. Make another cross out of the other two ribbons. Place the grouped ribbons on top of each other so you’ll have an eight-petal ribbon flower. Hold the ribbons at the center or stitch them at the center. You may also use a glue gun to keep the ribbons attached to one another.
  • Put the center of the flower. You may use a big button, pebble, round shell, or a small plate. Anything that can beautify the flower’s center can be put on. Secure it by sewing or gluing.

This ribbon flower can be put on a gift, bag, or dress. You may add a stem for it or some leaves. The additional design will be up to you. Add more ribbons if you wish to have fluffier flower.

Small Daisy-Like Ribbon Flower

Unlike the first flower, this second flower will have small and short petals. This will be perfect as a child’s dress accent.

  • Cut five pieces of one-inch ribbons. Again, you may use different color as long as the ribbons are of the same width.
  • Make the petals. Get one flower and overlap its one side to the other side. Do not fold the edge, though. Keep it curved and pointy. Sew the two ends together to secure the petal. You may also use glue to do this. Turn the other four ribbons into petals.
  • Stitch or glue the petals together. Arrange the ribbon petals in a circle formation. You may stitch one ribbon to the other until all the five petals are stitched together. An easier way to do this is by gluing the petals together. Arrange the petals neatly, though. It is the secret to creating a nice Daisy-like ribbon flower. Do not just overlap one ribbon to the other. Instead, overlap the first petal’s right on the second petal’s left side. Do this to other petals so you’ll have a neat arrangement.
  • Hide the glue or stitch marks. Use a button or anything that is large enough to cover the imperfections at the center. Glue or stitch it and you’re done with this cute ribbon flower.

These are just two of the many ways to fold ribbon flowers. Try folding the ribbons and make your own folding techniques. You may innovate on these two techniques also. Use more accents to beautify the flowers more.


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