How To Follow a Movie Blog

In this day and age you no longer have to buy and subscribe to countless Hollywood movie magazines and trade papers to find out what is happening behind-the-scenes at your favorite movie.  These days most movie productions have websites and those websites have movie blogs that you can follow.

A blog, even a movie blog, is an online diary.  The blogger, or writer, of the movie blog will write about what they are doing on the set. So, the blogger might be the director, or a producer or one of the stars of the movie.  Most movie blogs are updated daily or several times a week so you will want to follow this blog as much as possible.

The first thing you need to do is go out to a search engine, such as Google, and type the name of the movie you want to follow into the search engine.  You can also read some newspaper ads or find billboard advertising the movie as the website address is often there. There are also countless blogs written by fans of movies who can show you directly to a movie website.

Once you visit the site look for the page that titled as a "blog."  There may be several pages with this designation as some movies have blogs written by several of the stars of the movie as well as the director.  The movie blog will have the date of the latest entry, photos, videos and originally material written by those involved in the movie.  They will provide insight into the movie and how it is being made, problems on the set and how the movie is coming along.

Once you find the movie blog you will want to bookmark that page.  You can do this by searching for the bookmarking settings on your web browser.  Bookmarking the movie blog will allow you to jump right back to the blog whenever you want to read the newest entries. Check the movie blog frequently as it will likely be updated a lot.

You can also subscribe to the movie blog through something called an RSS feed.  Search the movie blog for ways to get these updates. Whenever a new blog entry is added, you will get a notification and link sent to your e-mail address.  That's the best way to stay informed and follow a movie blog successfully and not miss any new information.


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