How To Frame a Canvas Print

Framing canvas prints is as easy as framing the typical photo or poster.  Normally, most people would prefer to bring the canvas print into an expert framer to have it framed but if you want to save some money, you can do the project yourself.  The process is quite simple for as long as you have a guide to follow.  Here are some steps to help you frame your first canvas print.

Stretch the canvas.  The main difficulty in framing a canvas print is that the canvas needs to be stretched fully with no wrinkles or droops.  Any wrinkle or droop will appear in the final framing and it will make the whole thing blemished.  To ensure that you stretch the canvas to its full capacity, you will need to get some stretch bars.  If the canvas is large, then you may need a cross bar as well.  Spread the canvas on a table and secure the canvas with a stretch bar so that any wrinkle and droop will be stretched out.  You will need to secure the canvas with a cross bar if the print is large enough.

Finish the canvas.  You will want to protect the print on the canvas by applying some protective and transparent preserving chemicals.  Unless you are planning to use glass to cover the canvas when framed, you will want to use a normal spray-on gloss or varnish.  Spraying on a light and thin coat will be enough to protect the print from moisture and other elements.  Start by spraying a thin coat all over the print.  Let it dry for one to two hours.  Once dry, spray on the second and final coat.  Make sure to spray a light and thin coat only.  You can ruin the effect of the print if you spray too much varnish.  Remember to wear a nose mask to prevent inadvertently inhaling the fumes of the varnish.

Frame the canvas.  Once the print on the canvas is protected, you are now ready to frame it.  Proceed on framing it as you would a photograph or poster.  Purchase a frame from your local frame store relative to the dimensions of your canvas.  Undo the screws at the back of the frame and stretch the canvas on the board of the canvas.  Make sure the canvas is stretched on the board with the stretch bars and cross bar if necessary.  As soon as the canvas is stretched on the board, slip the board back into the frame and secure it with the screws.   You can apply some adhesive tape on the board to secure the canvas in place as you insert it back in the frame. 

If the frame you purchased has a glass cover, make sure to clean it with a glass cleaner and clean cloth so that the print will clearly show over it.  You can ask your friends to help you if the canvas is large.  If your effort does not bode well, then that is the time where having an expert work on framing it for you.


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